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Alisa avatar 6:22 AM on 03.27.2017  (server time)
Five Reasons Why Slumber is Ideal for Your Fitness

Is sleep really for the weak? NO! Sleep makes you strong, alert and totally active. A good night’s sleep is extremely important for every individual; no matter what age they are. In fact, it is definitely the most important thing. If you won’t sleep, your cells won’t get rest and charge, so you wouldn’t be able to function. Not only that, it really impacts your health and fitness (in a negative way!).
Most people love staying up late, but most people also have a career which expects them to rise and shine early. If you’re one of them and on to this write up then you probably work out too, yes? Yes. Its true that even when you have the perfect diet and workout routine, if you don’t sleep enough, you’re doomed.
Let us tell you why.

* Muscle is revamped when you sleep, not in the gym
Sleep is not only for the lazy people; it actually helps you make muscle. It is during this sleep cycle that you rebuild those biceps you’ve been working on in the gym. When you work your body, your muscles are built again but through the intake of a proper diet and speedy recovery (in terms of sleeping patterns) can those muscles stay intact and return stronger and bigger.
So it is essential to provide your body with the slumber it requires, if you want that perfection in it which you work out for; as well as the health factor. The more the muscle, the better the body builder you are.

* More and more calories
Yes, lack of sleep DOES make you fat. Why and how? When you sleep less, you’re obviously awake so your body is running on more calories than when you’re in slumber. Just because of this, when you’re up for longer periods, you will obviously need more food to function, so you will gain.
Statistics show that individuals who don’t sleep well, eat around 549 extra calories on a daily basis. That accounts for more than you can imagine! It is considered the most fatal risk determinant for obesity. The impact of sleep on increasing weight is aided by a couple of factors which include hormones and the need to exercise. So, if you really are looking to lose weight, then make sure you get high quality sleep because it makes up for a lot of calories.

* Metabolism’s worst nightmare
Poor sleeping patterns have a negative relationship with metabolism. When you sleep well, you are enabling your digestive system positively because of which your metabolism runs faster than you can ever imagine.
However, when you start losing sleep for whatever reason, the whole process is disrupted and you slow down your metabolism. In order to compete with fast metabolisms, you need to sleep tight. That is the only way you can improve your health without really trying.

* Disrupts digestive system
When you’re sleeping irregularly, your digestive system does not take it well. This is linked up to the metabolism point because it slows down your system. When this happens, you feel uneasy. Not being able to digest food is a tragedy in itself. So when this tragedy starts, your weight fluctuate way too often, that is when the real problem begins. If you don’t have a proper morning washroom routine, it’s probably because you don’t sleep as well as you should!

* Fatigue, fatigue, fatigue!
Lack of sleep adversely impacts your productivity levels. You may think you’ll be able to pull it off, but hey, newsflash, you WON’T. You’ll be super tired and it would affect your work out routine; which will become a big problem. Your journey to fitness will be disrupted and there’s nothing sadder than that.
Not only are you losing on the muscle rebuilding factor, but you’re also eating excessively because you’re fatigued and as a result you’re not even being able to give your hundred percent at the gym; literally a domino effect. If this doesn’t make you fall asleep timely, then probably nothing will. Buck up!

Underestimating the importance of good sleep will definitely lead to a fitness lag.

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