New Releases, week of 7/6/13: Kung Fu Heroes Edition

The Kentucky Fried Movie, The Producers, 56 Up, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Jul 02
There were two notable deaths last week which I feel like I should acknowledge here: actor and filmmaker Lau Kar Leung and actor Jim Kelly (Enter the Dragon). Each left their own imprint on action films and martial arts movie... read

New Releases, week of 6/29/13: Achoo Resneezes Edition

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The Call, Upside Down, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Jun 25
I've been sick for the last three weeks, and it's gone from being unpleasant to just downright annoying. After looking up my symptoms online, I'm led to believe that I'm suffering from The Scriverner's Lung, The Hipster Drops... read
New Releases

New Releases, week of 6/22/13: Totes Stoked Edition

Stoker, 21 & Over, The Last Exorcism Part II and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Jun 18
Stoker is finally out. I'm happy to see it finally hit home video because it had a limited run in theaters and its been a film I've wanted to see for awhile. Nicole Kidman's in it, and she's one of my boos. I could go as far ... read
New Releases

New Releases, week of 6/15/13: Lilo & Snitch Edition

Oz the Great and Powerful, Snitch, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Jun 11
There are a lot of may/may not be good new releases on home video this week compared to last week's average affair. Leading the charge is Oz the Great and Powerful (which Matt found befuddling), Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunte... read
New Releases

New Releases, week of 6/8/13: Hard Bodies Edition

A Good Day to Die Hard, Warm Bodies, Identity Thief and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Jun 04
This week we have a good amount of average films releasing this week. Some may like them more than others, but we're talking middle of the road here. Buuuut, if TV's your thing I hear the fifth season of Breaking Bad is relea... read

New Releases, week of 6/1/13: Who Are You? Who, Who Ed.

Doctor Who Series Seven, Dark Skies, Cleopatra, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
May 28
We don't usually highlight the TV releases on DVD and Blu-ray, but since this week is light on the movie side, we're making an exception. The biggie this week is Doctor Who: Series Seven - Part Two, which includes "The Name o... read

New Releases, week of 5/25/13: Arnold's Return Edition

The Last Stand, Side Effects, The ABCs of Death, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
May 21
It's a week of many new releases and re-releases on DVD and Blu-ray. Leading the way is Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to the big screen The Last Stand, along with the horror anthology The ABCs of Death, the Jason Statham fli... read

New Releases, week of 5/18/13: Happy Little Cloud Edition

Cloud Atlas, Texas Chainsaw 3D, Beware of Mr. Baker, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
May 14
Today's affirmation: whenever you're feeling down, just remember that the blue Jedi ghost of Bob Ross loves you like a little woodland critter. This will save your life some day, trust me. The big new release this week is Clo... read

New Releases, week of 5/11/13: Heading Upstream Edition

Upstream Color, Jack Reacher, Mama, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
May 08
First off, sorry this edition of New Releases is a day later than usual. Running behind with lots of things this week. Netflix Now will also be a day late. I owe you an ice cream.* The new releases this week include Jack Reac... read

Cleopatra getting 50th anniversary re-releases

May 06
Cleopatra, the epic film known as much for its off screen issues as it was for its grandeur, is turning 50 this year and 20th Century Fox isn't about to miss out on the opportunity to celebrate it. They've remastered the... read
New Releases

New Releases, week of 5/14/13: Big Bad Borg Edition

Silver Linings Playbook, The Guilt Trip, Manborg and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Apr 30
While most folks will be interested in Silver Linings Playbook today (as it earned a bunch of awards and the like), I'll be trying to find myself a copy of Manborg. We've featured a trailer for the film on the site recently a... read
New Releases

New Releases, week of 4/27/13: Gangsta's Paradise Edition

Gangster Squad, Jurassic Park 3D, Promised Land and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Apr 23
This week's biggest release is arguably the re-re-re-re-re-release of Jurassic Park (IN 3D!!!), oh, there's new stuff this week also? Well...then the biggest new release is probably Gangster Squad, which is ironic since Matt ... read

New Releases, week of 4/20/13: Djangowned Edition

Django Unchained, Repo Man, Dragon (Wu Xia), and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Apr 16
Howdy, folks, and welcome to this week's new releases, a sort of pre-Tribeca reprieve for me. This week boasts two genre deconstructions. The biggie is Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, starring Jamie Foxx (who, as Nick p... read

New Releases, week of 4/13/13: Historical Hot Dog Edition

Hyde Park on Hudson, Down the Shore, Gate of Hell, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Apr 09
It's another slow week on the DVD/Blu-ray release front. The most high-profile title is the disappointing Hyde Park on Hudson, which features Bill Murray as FDR. (More accurately, Bill Murray doing an impersonation of Cary Gr... read

New Releases, week of 4/6/13: All Cleaned Up Edition

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One, John Dies at the End, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Apr 02
I know something major happened yesterday... Hmm... weird. Don't know what it was. Funny how that works. An oddly sparse week with new releases. The biggest thing by far is a re-release: The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase O... read

New Releases, week of 3/30/13: Fightin' Abe Edition

Lincoln, The Comedy, Killing Them Softly, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Mar 26
Today is the day that Steven Spielberg's Lincoln rolls onto DVD and Blu-ray. I think Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt are my favorite U.S. Presidents. Both were supreme badasses in different ways. Lincoln steered the count... read

New Releases, week of 3/23/13: Les Little People Edition

The Hobbit, Les Miserables, Zero Dark Thirty, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Mar 19
Back from warm and awful nice Austin to the cold, jerk-filled New York and what do I see? Lots of major releases out this week on DVD and Blu-ray. (Worst thing about Austin by the way: limited free wifi at the airport. Damn y... read
New Releases

New Releases, week of 3/16/13: Rising Pie Edition

Life of Pi, Rise of the Guardians, Sound City and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Mar 12
This week's arguably biggest home video release is Life of Pi (with its unfortunate two day early release date. Why not 3/14?) due to its baffling amount of Academy Awards (and I was sad when I realized it wasn't a docum... read

New Releases, week of 3/9/13: Wreckx-n-Effect Edition

Wreck-it-Ralph, Red Dawn, The Intouchables, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Mar 05
This week's biggest release by far is Wreck-It-Ralph, Disney's CG animated offering chockablock with retro gaming references. (Wreck-It-Ralph was also the title of my unproduced sequel to King Ralph.) Also new and notable thi... read

New Releases, week of 3/2/13: Who is the Master Edition

The Master, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Holy Motors, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Feb 26
Even though Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master didn't do well at the 2013 Academy Awards, it will always run Bartertown in my heart. If you watched Flixist's Google Hangout for the Oscars, you know we all expected Joaquin Phoe... read

New Releases, week of 2/23/13: Jack Kirby Saves Edition

Argo, Anna Karenina, Monster Squad, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Feb 19
Ben Affleck's Argo is the big release of the week given all the momentum it has heading into the Oscars. Based on the true story of how Jack Kirby helped saved the day, Argo won Best Picture and Best Director at the 2013 BAFT... read

New Releases, week of 2/16/13: Bond... James Bond Edition

Skyfall, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Man with the Iron Fists, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Feb 12
Today is the day that Skyfall hits DVD and Blu-ray. Not only is the movie badass, it was declared Best British Film at the BAFTA Film Awards last weekend. Skyfall's release today is accompanied by a number of James Bond Blu-r... read

New Releases, week of 2/9/13: My Bloody Valentine Edition

Flight, Alex Cross, Peter Pan, and more on DVD, Blu-ray, and VHS
Feb 05
[UPDATE: Just received notice of a new addition to today's new releases. The horror anthology V/H/S is available today on VHS.] All of your dorky music nerd friends probably wet themselves last weekend over the new My Bl... read

New Releases, week of 2/2/13: Creepy Jet Lag Pillow Ed.

Hotel Transylvania, Seven Psychopaths, Paranormal Activity 4, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Jan 29
It seems my idiocy abroad and last night's cross-country red-eye have started to catch up with me because I am jet lagged something fierce. At this point, time has no meaning, space is a misinterpretation of proximity, matter... read

Dredd is number one in Blu-ray, DVD, and digital sales

Dredd is now officially the law
Jan 22
Although Dredd may not have been my favorite film of last year, it was one of the best. Unfortunately it came and went from theaters sad and alone because of stupid reasons (it was a reboot of a sort of unknown property, it w... read

New Releases, week of 1/26/13: Hong Kong Action Edition

End of Watch, Searching for Sugar Man, The Quiet Man, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Jan 22
I'm continuing my idiocy abroad, which included a brief rush through Hong Kong last week. Soon it's back to California for a few days before returning to New York, jetlagged and poorer. I've included some recreations of my ad... read

Watch a clip of Del Toro discussing Alfred Hitchcock

From the Criterion release of The Man Who Knew Too Much
Jan 15
It's a beautiful thing to see a great director discuss one of the greatest directors in all of filmdom, and to do so as eloquently as Guillermo Del Toro always manages to be. This is a clip from the DVD/Blu-ray extra of Crit... read

New Releases, week of 1/19/13: Bananas Edition

Taken 2, To Rome with Love, About Cherry, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Jan 15
I am currently abroad, and by this point I should have a decent palate for the bananas of the Philippines. (I may also have dysentery and ringworm.) I could share a photo of these exotic 'naners and describe the rich flavors ... read
On holiday in a private hell -- go on, have a drink, mate
I've always wanted to delve deeper into the world of Ozploitation movies (exploitation films from Australia). I have a major fondness for Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Turkey Shoot (aka Escape 2000), and Razorback, and my intere... read feature

New Releases, week of 1/12/13: KDOC New Year Edition

Frankenweenie, Dredd, Game Change, and more on DVD/Blu-ray
Jan 08
I don't know if you're seen it already, but the KDOC New Year's Eve show with Jamie Kennedy is a special kind of trainwreck. Uncensored f-bombs, technical glitches, an extremely faded Macy Gray, and a fight at the end. (Highl... read

[This contest is now OVER! Congrats to our three winners and thanks to everyone for reading! - Liz] Good evening, fair Flixians! This time we bring you a contest to win a copy of Sleep Tight on Blu-ray for your viewing pleasu... read feature

Criterion Collection teases 2013 releases with this image

You name that movie, because I'm really bad at this
Jan 02
The Criterion Collection is teasing some of its 2013 releases with a "name that movie" image. And... well there's... Wow, I'm really, really bad at this one. Adam Chitwood of Collider says the image contains the following: D... read

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