April Fools Day 2012


Interview: Jeff Goldblum

Apr 01 // Maxwell Roahrig
You know, working in the same office as Jeff Goldblum, you learn a few things. He actually does love the peach pie. Jeff is also an avid jazz pianist, and during lunch today, he regaled us with some of his wonderful scatting.... read feature

Jeff Goldblum replacing Geoff Goldbloom on Earth-2

Apr 01
Starting April 3rd, Jeff Goldblum will replace Geoff Goldbloom, an actor from a parallel world that scientists refer to as "Earth-2." Goldbloom has starred in a number of successful films on Earth-2, including The Fly, Indepe... read

Jeff Goldblum replacing Mike Love of The Beach Boys

Apr 01
On April 3rd, Jeff Goldblum will replace Mike Love of The Beach Boys for the band's upcoming reunion tour. The tour was announced after the reunited group played at this years Grammy's. The shows were intended to celebrate Th... read

Lucas digitally swapping Jar Jar Binks with Jeff Goldblum

Apr 01
Star Wars fans have long bemoaned the horror that is Jar Jar Binks. Strange-looking in 1999, completely dated compared to modern CGI, and ever annoying, he is the symbol for everything wrong with the Star Wars prequels. What'... read

Flixclusive: Jeff Goldblum was going to be The Hulk

Apr 01
In a Flixclusive Interview with the Jurassic Park star, Mr. Jeff Goldblum admitted to being "95% set" to play Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the upcoming summer blockbuster, The Avengers. However, due to details that will be s... read

Jeff Goldblum replacing Ed Helms on The Office

Apr 01
Starting April 3rd, Jeff Goldblum will replace Ed Helms on NBC's long-running sitcom The Office. Helms's character, Andy Bernard, became manager this season after the departure of Michael Scott (Steve Carell). Goldblum will p... read
You know, uh, Disney princesses are terrible role models. What kind of message is it to tell a girl she should be- ah, royalty? She can’t be royalty. There aren’t many princes for her to, ah, marry. No, she needs ... read feature

Jeff Goldblum replacing Alan Rickman on Broadway

Apr 01
Starting April 3rd, Jeff Goldblum will replace Alan Rickman in the Broadway play Seminar. The original cast of this production will have their final performance today at the Golden Theater. Here is a synopsis of the play, whi... read

Rumor: Twins threequel adding Jeff Goldblum to the mix

Apr 01
It seems that the good news just keeps coming. A mere three days after a Twins sequel, cleverly entitled Triplets, was officially announced, featuring modern comedic superstar Eddie Murphy (from such hits as Meet Dave, Norbit... read

Flixist is, ah, under new management, as they say

Apr 01
Hello there fellow, ah, Flixistentialists. Flixisticians? What exactly do you guys call yourselves? God, this is an awkward name. Anyway, hello, from your new publisher/editor in chief/CEO/head actor, Jeff Goldblum. Yes, you ... read

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