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Felicity Jones

Rogue One ending changes photo
Rogue One ending changes

Gareth Edwards opens up about Darth Vader and changes to the Rogue One ending

The squad goals changed
Mar 14
// Hubert Vigilla
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was a strong entry in the Star Wars saga. It perfectly captured the feeling of playing Star Wars as a kid, and it all hung together well even with some major reshoots and restructuring. Many credi...
Star Wars: Rogue One photo
Star Wars: Rogue One

A Rogue One actor has option for second film in their contract (SPOILERS)

Any idea how this will work?
Dec 19
// Hubert Vigilla
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was pretty darn phenomenal. Despite worries about extensive reshoots, the movie is in the upper tier of Star Wars films, better than The Force Awakens and easily in the franchise's top three. Whil...

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story promised to be what the seven other Star Wars films had not: a movie about ordinary people in the Star Wars universe. Promise delivered. But if you’re worried that ordinary people means an o...


We came for Phelps gold. We stayed for Star Wars gold. Or was it the other way around? For some, I'm sure it was. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story stole the evening from a series of memorable 2016 Rio Summer Olympics moments by f...


Staggeringly hot women shortlisted for Captain America 2

Aug 20
// Xander Markham
Of all Marvel's individual superhero movies, Captain America was my favourite. Part of that was down to Hayley Atwell's wonderful performance as Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers' wartime sweetheart and confidante. Now that the Cap ...

Felicity Jones for Warren Beatty's Howard Hughes biopic

Nov 16
// Xander Markham
Even though Like Crazy turned out to be rather mediocre, it did provide a strong platform for the wonderful Felicity Jones to take her career to the next level. Jones has enjoyed a solid career to date as a working actress, p...

Felicity Jones spreads her wings in Albatross

Aug 03
// Xander Markham
If Like Crazy lives up to its hype, Felicity Jones will be a name you hear a lot in the future. With good reason too: as anyone who has seen Flashbacks Of A Fool will know, she has a huge amount of girl-next-door charm and t...

Paddy Considine leads Brit success at Sundance

Jan 25
// Xander Markham
Paddy Considine is one of the most acclaimed British character actors of his generation, having starred in such a wide variety of films as In America, My Summer of Love, Dead Man's Shoes, Hot Fuzz,the exceptional Red Riding ...

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