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8:40 PM on 02.09.2011

Movie Debate to the Death! Favorite Stephen King film?

We posted over twenty 25 Flixist film awards over the course of a single week, but arguably the most important one of all has yet to be claimed: the readers' favorite film of 2010. I gave everyone a full week to p...

Tom Fronczak

11:12 PM on 02.05.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Most Underrated Film

Not only did 2010 bring many arguably overrated movies, but according to the Flixist staff it contained even more underrated films. While it hurts to know that many movies didn't receive the profits and attention they deserv...

Tom Fronczak

5:57 PM on 02.05.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Most Overrated Film

2010 was an amazing year for the film industry with oodles of honorable movies that deserved every bit of the hype they got. However, the Flixist staff isn't different from most groups of friends in that we have widely varyi...

Tom Fronczak

10:24 AM on 02.05.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Most Promising New Performer

Awards season is often spent discussing which experienced and established actors will receive the crowning achievement not only for the year, but their careers. On rare occasion, a newcomer's breakout performance is enough to...

Siobhan Watters

1:24 AM on 02.05.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Most Promising New Filmmaker

It's always interesting to experience a brand new director's first feature film. Though sometimes it results in amateurish slop, more often than not we're given a film that is both refreshing and takes chances. As we approach...

Andres Bolivar

4:13 PM on 02.04.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Best Film

2010 was a great year for movies. From animation to arthouse to generation defining film; we had it all. Most of the films up for award contention this year could have easily swept these awards any other year. It's kind of si...

Matthew Razak

2:23 PM on 02.04.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Best Adult Film

In retrospect . . . not the best title for a film award that's not about pornography, but "Best Mature Film" doesn't sound quite right and "Most Controversial" isn't necessarily what the award is about. My goal for this categ...

Tom Fronczak

10:43 AM on 02.04.2011

The Flixist Beard Awards

Each year, awards are given out for a variety of worthy categories, like Best Director or Best Supporting Actress. We at Flixist agree that greatness must be recognized, and as such we have put up a plethora of awards posts ...

Sam Membrino

5:17 PM on 02.03.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Best Horror Film

I love horror films, can't get enough of them. It doesn't matter if they're good, bad, or really bad, I'll take on all comers. The real problem is that none of them really scare me. I consider myself a veteran horror buff. I...

Sean Walsh

4:52 PM on 02.03.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Best Action Film

It's a fact: people love explosions. That's why they keep giving Michael Bay work. He sure knows how to blow things up en masse. Needless to say, the action genre is full of explosions, along with other things that people lo...

Sean Walsh

12:50 PM on 02.03.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Best Foreign Film

Foreign films are my bread and butter, so I'm pleased to be here to present our choice for the best foreign film of the year. There were a lot of great films to choose from. Bong Joon-Ho's Hitchcockian thriller Mother, the s...

Toby Jones

11:54 AM on 02.03.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Best Romance Film

Ah, romance. So often the bane of couples when your girlfriend pulls out a sappy romantic comedy, it's easy to overlook the presence of worthwhile entries in the genre. The chronicle of a forbidden love succeeding against the...

Bob Muir

8:26 AM on 02.03.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Best Documentary Film

Documentaries are these wonderful little films that can be just about anything. Want to tell the story of a tight rope walker walking between the World Trade Center towers? Go for it. Do you want to show the political injusti...

Maxwell Roahrig

7:26 AM on 02.03.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Best Comedy Film

Comedy is one of the most underrated art forms out there. How best to drive your point across, and to truly reach people, than with laughs? The Marx Bros. were some of the first to really understand comedy as art. Their 1933...

Maxwell Roahrig

10:30 PM on 02.02.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Best Cinematography

If there’s a pattern to be had among the cinematographers honored by the 2010 Flixist Awards, it’s a devotion to the practical flavor of filmmaking that served us well before the digital ...

Glenn Morris

6:27 PM on 02.02.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Best Art Direction

If cinematography is what makes a film beautiful, art direction is what makes it unique: a strong visual identity can keep a film engaging even when its other facets aren't up to snuff. One could even suggest that some filmma...

Xander Markham

5:11 PM on 02.02.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Best Original Soundtrack

Evaluating a film's soundtrack is tough. On one hand, the music has to be able to stand by itself as a captivating composition, but it also needs to be able to work itself into the overall framework of a movie. The soundtrac...

Brian Feldman

1:49 PM on 02.02.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Best Visual Effects

Visual effects in film have reached a point that can really only be described as magical. Only a few scant years ago, we were at a point where if a C.G.I. guy came running across the screen, it would probably induce a moment...

Alex Katz

12:29 AM on 02.02.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Best Actor

This year, the award for Best Actor is nearly as contentious as the award for Best Picture itself. That is, thanks to the general misogynistic tendencies of Hollywood, because most of this year’s highest reviewed films fea...

Robin Barr

Flixist Awards 2010 Debate: Readers' favorite film of 2010?! photo
Flixist Awards 2010 Debate: Readers' favorite film of 2010?!
by Tom Fronczak

[Update: Today is your last chance to vote!]

In last month's debate I asked everyone what their favorite Christmas film was. I expected a list of typical winter movies but Flixist readers proved to be much cooler than that. In the end it was Die Hard that shot, stabbed, chain choked, and glass walked its way to a win. Yippy ki aye, motherflixer!

This week's Movie Debate to the Death is potentially the most important one all year, so make sure you give it some serious thought. As you've noticed, the Flixist staff is hard at work posting the results for some of the few categories we all voted on. Throughout the rest of the week you can expect twenty more Flixist awards to show up on the front page. But this award is for you.

We want to know how our readers felt about the 2010 film year. I know it's hard to pick just one, so feel free to also list your runner ups and why they didn't make the cut. Cast your vote in the comments below and check back next week to see who won the favorite and least favorite reader trophy!

Bonus Question:What was your...

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8:40 PM on 02.01.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Best Supporting Actress

The only thing that I love more than a great leading performance is a great supporting performance. Think about it: the lead gets all the buzz, all the attention, and in far too many cases all the credit. We mentioned that a ...

Andrew Kauz

11:04 AM on 02.01.2011

Flixist Awards 2010: Best Supporting Actor

Being a lead actor is great. If a movie takes off, if it receives critical praise, the lead tends to get most of the credit. But there is no ‘I’ in ‘team,’ and the Best Supporting Actor award was creat...

Sean Walsh