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The Network Roundup: It's time to dance

Now that's cute
Jan 28
This was a week full of amazing news, broken hearts, and broken records. Everything pales in comparison to the record set in Japan yesterday, The Synchronized Mascot Dancing record. What yo... read

The Network Roundup: All hail the King

Our Dream
Jan 21
Today we honor the life of the late, great, Martin Luther King Jr. Besides giving many of us a day home from the office, we look back at a man that pioneered the African American Civil Rights Movement, and all helped changed... read

The Network Roundup: Sorry, no Death Star

The Administration does not blow up planets
Jan 14
Leave it to the government to stomp on the American dream. The dream of our very own fully operational Death Star. The people of America took their voice to the Obama administration, about the need for a $850,000,00... read

The Network Roundup: What's your resolution?

Not of your monitor silly!
Jan 02
Just look at those calendars, 2013. Isn't it such a futuristic sounding number? I guess so many sci-fi things I love always had the dates of 2012, making 2013 sound so far away. Along with a snazzy new date stamp comes the an... read

The Network Roundup: Let's Lotto

What would you do if you won?
Nov 28
If went to any kind of day job in the States today, your conversations probably included a mention of tonight's interstate Powerball drawing. Clocking in at a sweet $550 million, the little gamble was too much ... read

The Network Roundup: The Jaws of love

Aug 13
That uncanny sense of dread that's been hanging over you can only mean one thing, it's Shark Week. I think the only other time I get this excited about salt-water based news, is when Red Lobster kicks off its Endless Shrimp p... read

The Network Roundup: What's my name?

Aug 01
Once known as Calvin Broadus, Snoop Dogg should now be referred to as Snoop Lion. I don't know enough about Mr. Lion to tell you why he decided to hold onto the Snoop portion of his name, or if he will next be Mountain Snoop ... read

The Network Roundup: Three-peat

Jul 30
People like to like things in sets of threes, perhaps it's just a tidy little number. Movies are especially prone to follow the trilogy experience, particularly after they are successful. Who cam... read

The Network Roundup: Let the games begin

Jul 27
Today kicked off the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England. The world's best and brightest will take part in a test of will, strength, courage, and ability! I however, will be testing the diffe... read

The Network Roundup: True Bloody good

Jul 23
I had the pleasure of checking out Christopher Nolan's fantastic end to the Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises this weekend. Forget what you heard, it's great. However, it's not what's sticking out as the entertainmen... read

The Network Roundup: Tentacle Love

Jul 11
Been wondering where your Network Roundup had wandered off to? Japan Expo in Paris, France to be exact. Anime, manga, and video games action aplenty, and of course, cool French people, and like minded comradery. I couldn't pa... read

The Network Roundup: Sorry it's not the future

Jun 27
Despite all the pictures floating around Facebook and Twitter, today was is not the date that Doc Brown had set for the DeLorean in Back to the Future. None of your friends share the Photpshopped image above to you? Count you... read

The Network Roundup: Write faster

Jun 25
Thought you were done with Game of Thrones roundups? I thought we were going to take a bit of a break until next season's news started rolling in, but I couldn't help but share with you, a song about what we all were th... read

The Network Roundup: Case closed

Jun 18
Last night wrapped up the second, and I assume final season of AMC's The Killing. I didn't know what to think of the show at first, but man, I loved that show. Classic murder/ mystery with a super gritty Twin Peaks vibe, topp... read

The Network Roundup: Bite me

Jun 12
Last night celebrated True Blood's highly anticipated return to glorious premium TV service. After the doozy that was last season, I have to admit that last night's episode was pretty darn entertaining. Ma... read

The Network Roundup: Sci-fi me

Jun 08
It was both an exciting and somber week of science fiction for me. As my dear Game of Thrones was wrapping up its season I turn my eyes from fantasy fiction, over to my all time love, science fiction. I had a chance to check ... read

The Network Roundup: The E3 effect

Jun 06
I know some of you haven't been too impressed with E3's offerings this year, but all the gaming activity and interest gets me really excited. Sometimes when we only see a glimpse of possibilities, and not the f... read

The Network Roundup: The King in the far North

Jun 04
Yes we've made it. My final Network Roundup of season dedicated to my dear King Joffrey! Well actually, this is dedicated to the guy leading the White Walkers. I dub you King in the far North! Did you check out that... read

The Network Roundup: Enough with the bath salts

Jun 01
For this edition of The Network Roundup, I am making a public plea. No more zombie bath salts jokes! For the last couple days I haven't been able to get on the train, go to work, or especially enter social media without someo... read

The Network Roundup: Smoke on the water

May 30
Woe is me. Only one more episode left of this season's Game of Thrones, but last week's sure delivered. After all the build up I was wondering how they would employ the deadly Wild Fire on screen. I loved it, in all... read

The Network Roundup: Get your grill on

May 25
Memorial Day weekend always signifies some poignent things for me. Remembering those who serve for our freedom, plenty of rest, and a whole lot of grilling delicious meats are always on the agenda. I'm far from bein... read

The Network Roundup: Oh my goth

May 23
I'm not sure if it made a blip on your radar or not, but yesterday was World Goth Day. In high school I fancied quite a few bands that might be considered goth at the time, and maybe wore my eyeliner on the heavy side. These ... read

The Network Roundup: The red smile

May 21
I just can't believe it. There's only two more weeks left of Game of Thrones? What am I going to do without my dear King Joffrey and his intent to carve some red smiles? The sneak preview of next week's episode looks to be pr... read

The Network Roundup: Time to play

May 16
Sick of all the Diablo III complaining and news? I'm just happy to be playing. With my hectic work and writing schedule, playing games is something I set certain times of night aside for. Unfortunately, those times had n... read

The Network Roundup: So emo it hurts

May 14
I ran across an interesting article today that confirmed one very important fact. Emo hair is bad for your health. Besides possibly destroying your social life and hampering your ability to genre jump, emo... read

The Network Roundup: Pedal to the metal

May 11
Make no mistake, I love me some cars, especially ones I could never ever afford. Today we unfortunately lost a hugely influential and awesome contributor to the auto world, Carroll Shelby, but I am reminde... read

The Network Roundup: There's something on your face

May 09
Where were those Network Roundups you love so much over the past couple weeks? While I was traveling the globe and missing my Game of Thrones, I unfortunately wasn't able to get to my favorite updates. Fret not, I am now back... read

The Network Roundup: Stop Projecting

Apr 25
It started with Hatsune Miku and recently made loads of money for Tupac's estate at Coachella. Come on people. What's with all the projections of artists who can't really be on stage? I was hoping these were isolated inc... read

The Network Roundup: The King in the North

Apr 23
Last night's Game of Thrones delivered all sorts of King Joffrey madness. Up until yesterday's episode, I have to say I wasn't a huge fan of the whiney little lord, however his ramp up of sadism has made him strangely more...... read

The Network Roundup: Let's get it on

Apr 20
Besides my usual Game of Thrones fandom, this weekend is all about one thing for me. UFC 145. It's not that I'm really a big fan of either Jon Jones or Rashad Evans, but Saturday's fight features some real bad blood and total... read

The Network Roundup: We let it all hang out

Apr 18
Exposing one's genitals is evolving into a powerful, however highly misunderstood form of communication. Today, a man on his way from Oregon to California decided to strip down to his naturals in a mini protest against the se... read

The Network Roundup: Just stay afloat

Apr 16
I'm sure all of you had a fantastic weekend. Me? Somehow the weather got better here in Chicago, but of course every time that happens I sick. I won't whine too much since I didn't die on a sinking vessel like some ... read

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