A bit late, but you were hung over anyway
Welcome to an extremely late version of Movie Monday, but it was Presidents day so I knew you would have a super hangover. Be sure to check the links below. read feature

Worth way more than a dollar
I have a great fear, dear reader. A great fear that the new RoboCop film will become the next Dredd. I fear that it's a great action movie that's coming out in the doldrums of the movie season without a big enough market... read feature

RoboCop Trailer 3

International trailer for RoboCop answers a big question

At least it's not a suit.
Nov 21
While the other two trailers for RoboCop didn't exactly light the world on fire with their generic overtones, this international trailer for the film at least answers a big question I've had with the upcoming reboot. Is Murp... read

New RoboCop trailer expands on story

Nov 07
The original trailer for the reboot of RoboCop left us scratching our heads a bit. It looked promising, but it also left us with a lot of questions. This newer one answers plenty of them, and actually succeeds at gettin... read

Flixistentialism 27 - Dre Claus(e)

Been a long time ... shouldn't have left you
Sep 26
On this long awaited episode of Flixistentialism ... the guys catch up and try to do this whole "podcasting" thing another go, discuss all the movie related stuff missed during the hiatus, Liz explodes the universe (and boobies), Geoff defends his chair and we discover the Dre Claus(e). Also, Dre goes on a rant about how much he hates Gwenyth Paltrow (which is alot). read

RoboCop to release on IMAX screens

Sep 19
IMAX is totally the new 3D. Instead of hearing about every film landing in 3D we're now seeing more and more action movies hop onto the branded IMAX experience. Next up is the new RoboCop, which has just been announced to be ... read

First RoboCop poster looks Dredd-ful

But shiny.
Sep 13
Remember when the first trailer for the RoboCop remake came out and I thought it looked like Dredd? Well the first official poster for the film isn't really helping matters much. It's the "all black" look of the new RoboCop t... read
Let's be glad it's not the same
The day has finally come: the first trailer for the Robocop remake has debuted. Predictably, I dropped the bean burrito that was in my grubby mitts and watched the trailer two or three times. As Flixist's Senior Rob... read feature

RoboCop gets a new coat of paint.
Ever since the first set photos of the new RoboCop's armor leaked onto the Internet, Flixist has been in a state of somewhat worry. Max thought the armor looked okay, but most of us were a little taken aback by the sleeker l... read feature

RoboCop being shot for a PG-13 rating

Dead or alive... actually just alive. Dead is too bloody.
Jul 22
Ever since the Robocop reboot script leaked things have been pretty dour for our half-human law enforcer. It's just hard to get people excited for sucking. However, word from SDCC was that it didn't look entirely terribl... read
More like SEXY-cop

Crime is happening in new Robocop set photos

Now it only sort of looks like that suit from Crysis.
May 14
I normally don't like talking about set photos since things normally look a lot better in post production, but for these Robocop reboot images I'll make an exception (it's probably because that Max guy isn't a thing anym... read

Check out the 10ft Robocop statue going up in Detroit

May 14
Just when you think the world couldn't get any more awesome, we finally have pictures of the glorious statue of Robocop that's going to be placed in the city of Detroit. Detroit is were the original movie takes place and thus... read
Funko Toys

Funko's Pop! Movies line features Robocop, Predator

Aww, I'd buy this cute Robocop for a dollar.
Apr 19
If you're someone who occasionally buys toys to place near your work space like me, then you've probably heard of Funko's line of vinyl figures. They've done everything from Disney characters, Marvel and DC characters, TV sho... read

Michael Keaton feels the Need for Speed

Feb 06
So besides Michael Keaton being in the RoboCop reboot, Keaton has signed on to do DreamWork’s Need for Speed adaptation.  It will be an adaptation of the Electronic Arts video game series of the same name. Also sta... read

Robocop sizzle reel contains new details

Welcome to Spoilersville. Population: You
Nov 19
This past week has seen some exciting news for the highly anticipated (by me) remake of Robocop. Not only was a new version of the Robocop armor leaked, but a sizzle reel was somehow obtained and distributed on YouTube. Natur... read

Robocop may have new armor

Maybe you'll all stop whining now
Nov 15
There exists a scene in a draft of the upcoming Robocop remake (449 days and counting!), where Omni Corp. is focus testing new designs for their Robocop. The criminals all laugh and carry on, saying "He looks like an 80's toy... read

RoboCop remake release date pushed to 2014

Bad news?
Oct 16
I'll admit I've been giving José Padilha's RoboCop remake a pretty hard time, especially in the costume department, but I never wished ill on the director or his film. In fact, from the get-go it seems like p... read

New Robocop on-set photos show off armor, Michael Keaton

Oct 08
Yeah, so what if I picked the most boring pic for the header just because Michael Keaton is in it? What are you going to do about it? Nothing, that's what, because it's f**king Micheal Keaton.  I guess it sums up my atti... read

New Robocop teaser banner released, fears not quelled

Sep 17
After our recent look at what appears to be the new Robocop design, I'm going to need more than just a silly little banner to be won over by Jose Padilha and his remake. I want to give the benefit of the doubt here, so I... read

Production has finally started on 2013's Robocop reboot, and it was only a matter of time before set photos hit the web. And sure enough, we're blessed with pictures of Robocop's new armor. The verdict? Well, I'm kind of liki... read feature

Michael Keaton replaces Hugh Laurie in Robocop

Aug 30
In what's hopefully the last piece of the casting puzzle for Robocop, Michael Keaton will be replacing Hugh Laurie as the CEO of OmniCorp, the villainous corporation that builds the titular robotic man-cop. No word on what le... read

Robocop remake having pre-production/casting issues

Aug 28
To say that the Robocop remake/reboot has had a troubled time getting here would be an understatement. Plans have been in motion to remake the greatest film of all time for a while now, with Darren Aronofsky slated to direct ... read

Robocop remake script leaks, sucks

Aug 13
Drew McWeeny over at HitFlix apparently got his hands on an early draft of the Robocop script. sucks. Judging from Drew's tweets about the matter, it looks like the draft is filled with nothing but winks and nudges t... read

Michael K Williams in talks for Robocop remake

Aug 07
I spent way too much time deciding whether or not to start this post with an obligatory "Omar comin', yo". In the end I decided against it because I thought you, the faithful reader, would appreciate me not taking the easy ro... read

While the viral marketing for 2013's Robocop remake has started up in full, the question on everyone's mind is "What will Robocop look like?" Well, we may have just received our first look. Thanks to our friends over at Geeks... read feature

Rejoice! Robocop remake has a plot synopsis

Jul 13
It feels good to be a Robocop fan this week. Not only did the viral start up, giving us the first look at OmniCorp's line of military robots, but the lords at MGM have blessed us with a plot synopsis. And boy does it sound fa... read

Robocop viral starts up; I freak out a little

Jul 09
See that up in the header? That's the new ED-209 from José Padilha's upcoming Robocop remake. I likey. We're given this image from the new OCP themselves: OmniCorp. You can see their full line of products, including th... read

Hugh Laurie in talks for Robocop; I squee with delight

Jun 13
Joel Kinnaman. Gary Oldman. Samuel L. Jackson. And now, Hugh Laurie. That's right, Dr. House himself is in talks to play the evil-jerkface CEO of OmniCorp (I really hope that's just a typo) in Jose Padilha's upcoming remake o... read

El costumes from Zack Snyder's Man of Steel

Jun 12
We're about a year away from Zack Snyder's emotional and edgy Man of Steel. We've run some photos of Henry Cavill on set in costume as well as the first official costume still for the movie, but now we've got another look at ... read

Sam Motherflipping Jackson joins Robocop reboot

Jun 07
That's right, all you jive motherflippers. The man that says motherflipper like no other motherflipper alive is joining the motherflipping Robocop remake, and man I really can't keep saying motherflipper oh god damn it. ... read

Gary Oldman joins Robocop

May 25
Guys, guys, guys. Guess what. Gary Oldman is in the Robocop remake. I know! Man, this movie is going to be incredible, I can just feel it. But the question remains: who will he play? The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop ... read

Robocop remake getting some talent

Apr 16
Have you heard about the upcoming Robocop remake? You'd better, because can you imagine what it might be like if they actually do it right? This is the first remake that I've been excited for in years, and its set to rel... read

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