Vin Diesel

Last Witch Diesel photo
Last Witch Diesel

First trailer for The Last Witch Hunter starring Vin Diesel

Apr 30
To me, Vin Diesel can do no wrong. Regardless of his odder career choices in the past, I've always dug his genuine love for his work. He's a nerdy dude who loves trying out crazier roles and his latest film seems like the cra... read

Fast and Furious 8 to be released in 2017

Vin Diesel says it'll be the best movie we've ever seen
Apr 24
Furious 7 crossed a billion dollars worldwide in seventeen days, so when Vin Diesel took to the CinemaCon-stage in Los Angeles to announce the next movie in the franchise, not a single person in the entire universe was s... read

James Gunn: Guardians 2 is about fathers

Get ready for a heaping helping of daddy issues
Apr 15
The true parentage of Chris Pratt's Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord (who?), was a running subplot throughout the original Guardians of the Galaxy – well, OK, his dad was mysteriously mentioned a couple of times. That movi... read
Furious 7 Review photo
Cars, breasts and family
To begin, I am not Nick Valdez, our resident Fast and Furious reviewer. He is in transit to a new life in the big city and thus cannot, at the moment, partake in the next installment of the series. I hope you will accept... read feature

Furious 7 Trailer photo
Furious 7 Trailer

Second Furious 7 trailer is still furious

"This time it ain't about bein' fast."
Feb 05
Furious 7 is definitely my most anticipated film of 2015. Over big science fantasy action, man dancing, and comic book shenanigans, Furious 7 is the biggest sequel of the year. But I'm trying to not let myself get too excite... read
Furious 7 Super Spot photo
You will believe a car can fly.
Pack it up, every other movie of 2015. You're done. I'm calling it now, there won't be a better scene this year than the final shot of Furious 7's Super Bowl spot. I've still got goosebumps! Furious 7 releases April 3rd.&nbs... read feature

Yo Soy Groot photo
Yo Soy Groot
Fast and Furi-YES photo
Fast and Furi-YES

Rumor: Justin Lin returning for Fast & Furious finale?

Nov 13
I've reached a crossroads. Writing so much about the Fast and the Furious franchise makes me feel like such a hypocrite. Take the first trailer for Furious 7, for instance. Here I am celebrating a series' seventh installment ... read
Furious 7 photo
Furious 7

Fast & Furious 7 now officially titled Furious 7, gets new poster

Oct 27
The Fast and the Furious franchise is heading in a new, mysterious direction. With James Wan accomplishing what Fast & Furious 6 director Justin Lin couldn't (as he wanted to title that film Furious 6), Fast and Furious 7... read
Last Witch Diesel photo
Last Witch Diesel

Look at Vin Diesel's glorious man beard in The Last Witch Hunter

Sep 23
Just...look at it. The Last Witch Hunter releases sometime next Fall.  [via Facebook, of course] read
Vin Beardsel photo
Vin Beardsel

Vin Diesel gets hairy in first Last Witch Hunter image

Sep 05
From Vin Trieesel to Vin Beardsel, Vin Diesel is always working on some kind of project. And as natural for the one man PR firm, we've got our first look at his next big film The Last Witch Hunter from his Facebook page with ... read
FCD: Guardians photo
Diesel or Dud-sel?
Guardians of the Galaxy has caused quite a stir in the Flixist Community. It's blown up on Twitter, Facebook, and I've even heard some of my non-fan friends discussing it for some reason. It's got the kind of pull I haven't s... read feature

Guardians Review photo
Good-ians of the Galaxy
I should admit this outright. Whether it's the nature of my job, or the seemingly endless deluge of Marvel Studios news that we write on everyday, I've succumbed to Marvel fatigue. That's why I was instantly drawn to Guardian... read feature

GOTG photo

See Guardians of the Galaxy early and free

Washington DC, Baltimore, and Norfolk screenings
Jul 18
Guardians of the Galaxy is probably my most anticipated Marvel movie in ever. It looks like it's finally shaking up the stale franchises for good. And if not, at least it's got a great cast at the center. So for some lucky fo... read
Fast and Furious 7 photo
Sniff :(
The Fast & Furious franchise is never going to be the same without Paul Walker. The filming process of the seventh film has been paved with heartache and drama, but at least it's finally over. Knowing that Fast & Furi... read feature

#VinTrieesel photo

UPDATE: Here are all the character posters for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

#VinTrieesel, #ZoeGalmora, #DraxBautista, #ChrisPratt-Lord
Jun 13
UPDATE: Following Groot and Rocket Raccoon's poster reveal, we now have posters for Star-Lord, Drax, and Gamora in the gallery. Gamora's poster has to be my new favorite. That smirk, oof.  There's not much to say about t... read
Fast and Furi-YES photo
Fast and Furi-YES

Here's an image from the restarted production of Fast & Furious 7

I'm still very, very sad.
Jun 04
There's not much to say about this image. We're still waiting on crucial details about the nature of O'Conner's story and it's conclusion in Fast & Furious 7, and seeing that the budget to replace him is costing near $200 million is just the worst. So, let's just sit here and be sad for a moment. Things have changed.  [via Vin Diesel...again] read

Vin Diesel's The Last Witch Hunter lives again

There's going to be no witch hunters left at the rate this movie is getting made
Feb 20
Back in September of 2012 we got word that ol' deep voice, Vin Diesel, was jumping into a new film called The Last Witch Hunter. The movie would be directed by Breck Eisner (The Crazies) and be about a guy (Diesel) killing wi... read
Guardians Trailer photo
Chris Pratt needs a band-aid for all of those cuts
Update: New images as well, giving us a better look at Del Toro's return as The Collector (you may remember him from the closing credit sequence of Thor: The Dark World.) Guardians of the Galaxy is Marvel's riskiest, ye... read feature

Mo Riddick Mo Problems photo
Mo Riddick Mo Problems

Vin Diesel says Universal wants more Riddick

The one man PR machine works his magic again
Jan 29
Although Riddick completely flopped at the box office despite Vin Diesel leveraging his own house to make it a reality, like Dredd (Riddick's brother in R rated but ignored glory), it has found its place on home video. On his... read
Guardians of the Galaxy photo
Guardians of the Galaxy

First official image of Guardians of the Galaxy is great

The usual suspects are here...
Jan 02
Guardians of the Galaxy is quickly shaping up to be my most anticipated film of the year. While I may have begun feeling fatigue from comic book movies as 2013 provided lots of brilliant, non-comic book films, I think I'm rea... read
Groot Diesel...Grootsel photo
Groot Diesel...Grootsel

Vin Diesel is officially Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot

Thank god for fast trees.
Dec 23
Four months back Diesel had let this cat out of the bag, yet nothing was confirmed until now. Joining Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Benecio Del Toro, Michael Rooker, Dave Bautista, John C. Reilly, and Bradley Cooper is Vin Diesel... read
Fast and Furi-YES photo
Fast and Furi-YES

Fast & Furious 7 gets a new release date

Living life a quarter mile at a time in 2015.
Dec 23
After Paul Walker's death threw Universal and the Fast & Furious production team into disarray, everything has been in the air as to how the film was going to move forward. First the seventhquel was temporarily placed on ... read
Kane and Lynch photo
Kane and Lynch

Gerard Butler, Vin Diesel could join Kane and Lynch movie

But both of their offers are still up in the air.
Nov 05
Remember way back in 2007 when talks of a movie adaptation of Kane and Lynch: Dead Men was in the works? Me neither. What I do remember, however, was the film was almost released in 2011 with Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx in ta... read

Kurt Russel confirmed for Fast and Furious 7

Sadly, no eye patch
Sep 25
Damn that Vin Diesel just loves posting pictures of the movies he's working on, and in turn releasing new information about those movies. This time around he's thrown up a set photo that confirms that Kurt Russell will be joi... read
Fast and Furi-NO photo
Fast and Furi-NO

There are no tanks in the first Fast & Furious 7 image

blanks on blanks on blanks
Sep 16
Since the start of the Fast & Furious series, Vin Diesel has been wearing tanktops. Michelle Rodriguez wears tanktops, Gal Gadot wore tanktops, basically every character in the Fast series has worn a tanktop or V-neck at ... read

Vin Diesel leveraged his house to make Riddick

Aug 30
We all know Riddick was a bit of a passion project for star Vin Diesel and that it wouldn't have gotten off the ground without a lot of help from him, but I didn't think he put this much into the movie. The movie is as i... read

Flixistentialism 25 - Butt Bots

Butlers clean the butts of woman bots
Aug 15
We have a bro cast on this weeks episode! (BA-BA-BA-BROOOO CASSSTTT)Dre and Nick reach out to Geoff amidst his vacation in Japan and get all the stories about Japan's little eccentricities. On the film front, we fawn over Vin Diesel/Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, talk the fragmentation of Marvel properties, Spring Breakers and the nature of Indies. Also, bananas. read
Vin Treesel photo
Vin Treesel

Vin Diesel in talks for Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot

Vin Diesel's Facebook page gets a little antsy
Aug 12
Once again, Vin Diesel made another announcement via Facebook. Except this time, he might've jumped the gun a little bit. Vin Diesel has been recently letting on that he's been talking with Marvel about a possible role in one... read

New Riddick trailer finally ups the ante

Jul 22
The past few Riddick trailers have been pretty redundant, and didn't show off Riddick to the level of badassness that the guy really deserves. Evidently that was because they weren't showing any blood. This new restricted tr... read

Trailer: Riddick

More of the same is still good
Jun 17
This second trailer for the third Riddick film, titled simply Riddick, doesn't show off too much new stuff from the last trailer, but that doesn't mean it doesn't get us excited. Once again it looks like Riddick is returning... read

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