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8:30 AM on 08.12.2013

Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmaster cut by 20 mins for US

Wong Kar Wai's long-in-the-making Ip Man film The Grandmaster finally hits the US next week, and it will be about 20 minutes shorter than the Hong Kong version of the film. Wong was in attendance at a special screening of The...

Hubert Vigilla

Weinstein plans to cut Snowpiercer by 20 minutes photo
Weinstein plans to cut Snowpiercer by 20 minutes
by Hubert Vigilla

Bong Joon-Ho's Snowpiercer has been breaking box office records in South Korea. During its opening weekend, the film made the equivalent of $21.38 million, one of the country's biggest openings for a Korean film. Like many of you, I can't wait to see it. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing the same movie that's in South Korea right now.

The Weinstein Company will reportedly cut 20 minutes from Snowpiercer for its international release because the company believes that the people in flyover country are dummies. Film critic and programmer Tony Rayns explained it like so: "TWC people have told Bong that their aim is to make sure the film will be understood by audiences in Iowa ... and Oklahoma." It gets worse. Here's what Twitch reported:

[Tony Rayns] attended the July 29th Seoul premiere of the film, and after speaking with Bong, revealed that most of the cuts would come in the form of character detail, effectively turning this rich sci-fi thriller into a straightforward action film. Adding further insult to injury, voiceovers will now be added to the opening and closing of the film.

Re-cutting and altering Asian films for release is nothing new for Weinstein. As Twitch notes, they've previously re-cut and re-edited Princess Mononoke, Shaolin Soccer, and many films from Jackie Chan (the most ruinous changes are arguably in The Legend of Drunken Master, which is a weak shadow of Drunken Master II simply because of awful sound design). Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmaster will also likely be re-cut for domestic release.

How do you feel about the re-cutting of foreign films? Is there merit to the idea of altering something for market viability or should the works be allowed to remain as they are?

[via Twitch]

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11:00 AM on 11.07.2012

Trailer: Escape From Planet Earth

The weirdest thing about this trailer for Escape From Planet Earth had to have been the product placement. For one, one of the scenes revolves around Gary (the alien guy played by Rob Corddry (!)) getting a brain freeze ...

Nick Valdez

4:00 PM on 08.07.2012

Jennifer Lawrence looking to The Ends Of The Earth

We're big Jennifer Lawrence fans here at Flixist. Not only is she one of the most engaging and nuanced screen actresses of her generation, but she also owns a delightful line of trouser-teasing dresses for awards ceremonies. ...

Xander Markham

Bully getting an unrated release this Friday photo
Bully getting an unrated release this Friday
by Alex Katz

You've probably noticed the ongoing struggle between the Weinstein Company and the dicks at the MPAA over the rating for the documentary Bully, which examines bullying in American schools. The MPAA gave the film an R rating for language, which means it probably tripped across one of the arbitrary language lines the MPAA have thrown up for every dirty word. "Fuck," for instance, can't be used in a non-sexual sense (i.e. just cursing, not talking about doin' it) more than four times without getting an automatic R. After a weeks long debate/PR campaign against the MPAA, and following one final vote to have the film's rating changed to PG-13, The Weinstein Company has decided to release the film without a rating this Friday rather than edit the film down. As a result, it's likely some theater chains will not screen the film, as AMC, Regal, and the like often have stringent policies on ratings.

Here's what I don't get about this. The Weinsteins clearly care a lot about this picture, and, indeed, once you read Max's review on Thursday, you'll understand that it's a very powerful, important movie. They're fighting to have it released in the most unfiltered way possible, without edits, in order for the film's purest possible message to reach the younger audience that, by all accounts, needs to see it. That's cool. Commendable, even. However, they bend over backwards to get The King's Speech edited down so they can re-release it as a PG-13 for purely financial reasons/an Oscar stunt. 

Seriously, dudes. I'd make a crack about having your cake and eating it too, but those tubby bastards don't need any more cake-related advice. Read the full press release after the cut.

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Netflix and Weinsteins team up, The Artist streaming soon photo
Netflix and Weinsteins team up, The Artist streaming soon
by Alex Katz

This month, all of Netflix's content from Starz will be disappearing from their streaming service, as we've known for some months (quick, while there's still time, catch the 10 Starz movies on Netflix streaming Alec says you can't miss!). Knowing that there'll be a cold, lonely hole in Netflix's library just aching to be filled by just the right service, The Weinstein Company has laid their thick, meaty library into Netflix's gaping, needy content hole, having just signed a multi-year deal that will bring many Weinstein Company films to the service. The Prince Albert sitting at the head this deal, obviously timed so it can get even MORE Oscar attention, will be the introduction of The Artist to Netflix streaming. The Hollywood Reporter also cites Coriolanus and W.E. as films soon to double-down on Netflix's eager service.

Also, sex.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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3:00 PM on 09.30.2011

Trailer: Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project

I would love to read a book or watch a movie that contains an accounting of Harvey Weinstein's life and business in Hollywood since he founded Miramax with his brother Bob. I find the man to be distasteful, and his disr...

Alex Katz

12:00 PM on 08.26.2011

Weinstein disses ABC with trailer for Our Idiot Brother

For some reason, ABC is refusing to air a commercial trailer for Our Idiot Brother unless they make certain cuts. While Harvey Weinstein is totally fine with making cuts to The King's Speech to make it sell better, he is dra...

Bob Muir

10:00 AM on 08.26.2011

Trailer: The Artist

So this is certainly unique. The Artist is a black and white, silent film about the fall of a silent movie star amidst the rise of sound. It apparently tore the Cannes Film Festival up, prompting it to be purchased...

Alex Katz

12:00 PM on 07.06.2011

There's a Dirty Girl in Juno's temple

Horrible, I know. The Weinstein Company-produced Dirty Girl, directed by Abe Sylvia and starring Juno Temple, Milla Jovovich and William H. Macy, has been cut down to 90 minutes from its previous 109 minutes. This was done by...

Jamie R Stone

8:00 AM on 04.05.2011

PG-13 cut of The King's Speech performs as expected

Despite much gnashing of teeth, The Weinstein Company went ahead with its plan to release a PG-13 cut of The King's Speech to theaters on April 1. How did it do on its opening weekend in 1,007 theaters? As anyone could have p...

Bob Muir

2:12 PM on 01.31.2011

The King's Speech getting the network TV treatment?

Harvey Weinstein is basically the devil, but that is old news. As we’ve mentioned before, he wants to re-cut The King’s Speech, which is rated R for language, in order to net a more famil...

Alex Katz

7:44 PM on 01.27.2011

The King's Speech to be edited down to PG-13

Harvey Weinstein is unsatisfied with the $60 million that The King's Speech (nominated for several Oscars) has pulled in so far. He wants to expand the film from 1,680 theaters to around 2,500. All well and good, until you he...

Bob Muir