Adam Saunders Interview photo
So... what exactly does a producer do?
The role of a producer has always been kind of opaque to me. I just fundamentally get what directors do, cinematographers do, writers, etc., but "Producer" is such a broad term and encompasses so many things. For that reasons... read feature

NYCC Disney photo
More like George Swooney
Yesterday morning was the official start of 2014's New York Comic Con. What was originally a press day was opened to the public thanks to the other three days filling up so quickly. We'll have smaller impressions up throughout the weekend, but for now, I'm going to dish out some details regarding the big opening panel: Disney's Tomorrowland. read feature

Cesar Chavez Interview photo
Yes we can...talk about Cesar Chavez!
My final interview of SXSW was a three on one with Michael Pena, America Ferrera, and Gabriel Mann. I had just seen the screening for Cesar Chavez the night before, and we were all kind of pumped to talk about the movie. Just... read feature

Doc of the Dead Interview photo
Talking zombies with two zombie gurus
For those of you who don't know Tom Savini, he's a big idol of mine. A special effect mastermind who's created some of the best creatures in the business. You might remember him from his stints in Knightriders, From Dusk Till... read feature


Flixclusive SXSW Interview: Hugh Sullivan and Hannah Marshall (The Infinite Man)

Time travel, love and Australia with Infinite Man director Hugh Sullivan and star Hannah Marshall
Mar 12
Coming out of the still ongoing SXSW film festival The Infinite Man was easily the biggest surprise. I expected very little and got a whole lot, including what's probably the best comedy of the festival. I was intrigued ... read
Drinking Buddies Inter. photo
Anna Kendrick, Ron Livingston, Joe Swanberg, and Jake Johnson walk into a bar...
On an early afternoon in Austin, TX, I had a chance to sit down with the cast and director of Drinking Buddies, which consisted of Anna Kendrick (End of Watch), Jake Johnson (Safety Not Guaranteed), Ron Livingston (Office Spa... read feature

Cutie & Boxer Interview photo
Zachary Heinzerling and artists Ushio & Noriko Shinohara talk about art and the spirit of New York
I might have missed Ushio and Noriko Shinohara's apartment if it wasn't for the doorbell and the little handwritten sign above it. Now it seems so obvious. Around their home there's a bridal shop, some nice places for lunch, ... read feature

The Raid 2 info photo
Hell yeah.
Did you know that The Raid: Redemption director Gareth Evans co-directed a short for the upcoming V/H/S/2? It's true, and it's freaking awesome. It's by far the best part of either V/H/S film, so I was extremely excited when ... read feature

Jason Blum Interview photo
Things get spooky in my interview with the Blumhouse founder
This job has a lot of perks. One of those perks is getting to interview some really awesome people. Case in point, I had the privledge of getting to talk with founder of Blumhouse Productions; producer of the Paranormal Activ... read feature

Eisenberg Magic photo
Confirmed: Jesse Eisenberg can do magic
Upon sitting down with Jesse Eisenberg he started asking me questions, which is the opposite of how an interview is supposed to go, but totally awesome of him. That pretty much sums him up so our conversation about magic led ... read feature

Malcom McDowell photo
Talking being a legend with a legend
Malcom McDowell is in everything. I mean it. Check his IMDB. He's in everything. One of those everythings he is in is a new film called A Green Story, which tells the true life tale of Van Vlahakis, who created Earth Friendly... read feature

Lil Bub Interview photo
Talking with Juliette Eisner, Andy Capper, and Lil Bub's owner Mike Bridavsky
Juliette Eisner and Andy Capper delve into the odd and adorable world of cat memes in their film Lil Bub & Friendz. The documentary provides an overview of the internet cat phenomenon, with special focus on Mike Brid... read feature

Making the jump from documentary to narrative and other challenges
Anyone who has seen Murderball knows that Henry Alex Rubin is fantastic at weaving disparate stories together. The documentary director has decided to take that skill and apply it to narrative film with this Friday's rel... read feature

Shane Carruth Interview photo
The writer/director of Primer and Upstream Color talks narrative, control, music, and subversion
Shane Carruth had a cult hit on his hands with Primer back in 2004. His second film, Upstream Color, is more ambitious, more enigmatic, and much more emotionally charged. It was met with raves as well as confusion at the Sund... read feature

Sake-Bomb Interview photo
Junya Sakino, Gaku Hamada, and Eugene Kim walk into a bar...
[From March 9th - 17th, Flixist will be providing coverage from South by Southwest 2013 in Austin, TX.  Prepare yourselves for reviews, interviews, features, photos, videos, and all types of shenanigans!] While... read feature

Grow Up, Tony Phillips photo
Emily Hagins, Tony Vespe, AJ Bowen, and Katie Folger walk into a bar...
[From March 9th - 17th, Flixist will be providing coverage from South by Southwest 2013 in Austin, TX.  Prepare yourselves for reviews, interviews, features, photos, videos, and all types of shenanigans!] Grow ... read feature

Swim Little Fish Swim photo
Writers and directors Lola Bessis and Ruben Amar and star Brooke Bloom
[From March 9th - 17th, Flixist will be providing coverage from South by Southwest 2013 in Austin, TX.  Prepare yourselves for reviews, interviews, features, photos, videos, and all types of shenanigans!] Direc... read feature


[From March 9th - 17th, Flixist will be providing coverage from South by Southwest 2013 in Austin, TX.  Prepare yourselves for reviews, interviews, features, photos, videos, and all types of shenanigans!] In an... read feature

Im Sang-Soo Interview photo

Director Im Sang-Soo has a very interesting filmography. From the political black-comedy The President's Last Bang to the Palm D'or nominated erotic thriller The Housemaid, he has carved out a specific niche, one fueled ... read feature


Flixclusive: Why Henson shelved Del Toro's Pinocchio

An inside source reveals the reasoning behind the Jim Henson Company's decision
Feb 01
We just reported that Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio has been put on the back burner by the Jim Henson Company. The film's co-writer, Gris Grimly, tweeted that the box office numbers on Frankenweenie were partially to blame f... read
I hate cliffhangers...
Way back at Fantastic Fest 2011, we reviewed a Spanish horror/thriller called Sleep Tight. It sounded pretty interesting, but the lack of a big release/marketing push meant that I kind of totally forgot about ... read feature

His middle name is Power. Also, he's Canadian
A long, long time ago, we here at Flixist did some rocking coverage of the Tribeca film festival. It was an interesting festival, and there was some pretty good films amidst quite a lot of not so good. The best film of the bu... read feature

Probably won't involve home invasions
Earlier in the year, a wonderful little home invasion film called Replicas won the Best Feature Film Award from the Tribeca Film Festival. Fast forward to now, and the film has a fresh coat of paint (rebranding it as In ... read feature

Talking Bond with the woman who keeps him alive
As you probably guessed from my rampant writing on the subject, I'm a very, very big Bond fan. Like to a stupid degree. This past week I've basically been doing nothing but watch Bond movies back to back. It's been amazing. S... read feature


Many of you remember Jason Dohring from the cult TV-show Veronica Mars. As the lovable bad-boy Logan, Dohring showcased and honed his talents to a great degree. Now that the show is off the air, Dohring has bee... read feature


You read that right. This is an interview with the man who created and produced a movie called The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure. Yea, I wasn't that excited to conduct the interview either. The movie, which prompts ... read feature


Flixclusive Clip: Wild Horse, Wild Ride

Aug 10
One time, long ago, I tried to ride a horse. It was on those of those controlled family wilderness excursion things somewhere in Colorado. The only thing I remember is my horse going off the path and standing in a field. It ... read

[This week, we will be covering the the First Annual Korean American Film Festival Los Angeles, which will be taking place at the Korean Cultural Center LA from August 9th through the 11th. For all of our coverage, head here.... read feature


[For the month of July, we will be covering the New York Asian Film Festival and the (also New York-based) Japan Cuts Film Festival, which together form one of the largest showcases of Asian cinema in the world. For our NYAFF... read feature