Fifty Shades of Green

Fifty Shades of Grey stars want fifty shades of green

Mar 11
Although Fifty Shades of Grey had the worst staying power imaginable, as it dropped over 70% in box office sales its second weekend out which meant that word of mouth was deservedly awful, it still made $550 million worldwide... read

American Sniper is the top grossing film of 2014

That's some prolific legs for any film
Mar 09
I had a lot of problems with American Sniper as a movie about PTSD and veterans, but despite these issues it had a very good redeeming value of bringing Veteran issues to the forefront of the discussion in America. It se... read
Does whatever a miracle can
Wow, so, uh, yeah. I'm at a loss for words. Because both Sony and Marvel like money, and Sony has been wondering what to do with the The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, the two companies are now working together. According to t... read feature


Dreamworks Animation cuts 500 jobs, reveals new release slate

One original and one sequel a year
Jan 26
Back when Dreamworks Animation needed to compete with Disney, they stopped making films in 2D (even if those films are some of the greats) and churned out ten Shreks to a very successful box office performance each time. Basi... read

Ouija 2 is happening because money

Jan 19
It may not have been a good film, or even entertaining, but Ouija is going to get a sequel on top of its already bare bones story because it made near $85 million dollars from its slim $5 million dollar budget.  In an in... read

The Interview grossed $31 million on VOD despite piracy

Jan 09
When Sony released The Interview on most video demand services but its own, it was promptly pirated nearly 100 million times. At first it seemed like this news would only deter studios from simultaneous theatrical and VOD rel... read
Industry Malarkey

Movie theater attendance in 2014 was the lowest since 1995

But maybe we just need new metrics... or better movies
Jan 02
2014 is officially over. Celebration aside, this means that we can finally evaluate the year as a whole. The Hollywood Reporter has started us off right, with a breakdown of the box office numbers from the year. And... well, ... read

Green Inferno on hold indefinitely

You'll have to get you Cannibal Holocaust fix elsewhere
Aug 11
Sad news for those you like the boundary pushing of Eli Roth and the disturbing Cannibal Holocaust. His homage to that film, Green Inferno, has been put on hold indefinitely. It's not because of any controversy, surprisi... read

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles getting a sequel because money

Aug 11
It's hard to be cynical or excited about announcements like these because these days when a big franchise reboot or new property is announced, it's almost guaranteed that any given studio is planning at least three or four mo... read

Transformers 4 becomes the highest grossing movie in China ever

Film pulls in over $1.39 billion beating Avatar
Jul 09
Damn it, China. What happened to you? You used to be cool. This is why we can't have nice things.  [via Variety] read
Enchanted 2

Enchanted 2 is still happening because money

Jul 03
Wait..."still"? Yes, a sequel to the 2007 Disney Princess film Enchanted has been in the works for some time now, but it hasn't progressed passed the "it should happen" stage. But now that Frozen was a mega hit for Disney, th... read

Godzilla sequel already happening because money

"I'm the one who kno-EEEERRNNNNGHHHHHHHHH!"
May 21
Because Godzilla made a monstrous amount of money in the box office its opening weekend (over $93 million dollars domestically), naturally talk of a sequel is already underway. At this point, it's not even really news as we a... read

Box Office Numbers: All hails the mighty LEGO

Lord Business would be happy
Feb 24
The LEGO Movie didn't face much stiff competition this week, but it still pulled in a whopping amount beating out both new releases and pulling in more money than many films make in their entire run. Looks like word of mouth ... read

Frozen is highest grossing original animated film ever

Rejoice! Good things do happen to good movies
Jan 28
I don't think anyone would have guessed that Disney would be back on top of the animation world, knocking Pixar down, at the beginning of 2013, but it seems the animation studio finally figured out (with the help of Pixar hea... read

More 'Divergent' coming 2015/2016

Hey, at least they're not splitting the last book in two, right?
Dec 17
Variety is reporting that Neil Burger, director of the latest attempt by a studio to cash in on that sweet, sweet young adult money, will not be returning to direct Latest Attempt By A Studio To Cash In On That Sweet, Sweet Y... read
Fast and Furi-YES

Fast & Furious 7 getting rewrites to honor Paul Walker

O'Conner still owes us a ten second car.
Dec 13
Now that Fast & Furious 7 has officially halted its production for the time being to properly get its bearings after losing Paul Walker, Universal is still in the midst of a very confusing situation. One of the many optio... read
Disney jonesin' for more Joneses. Jones.
Disney continues its quest to own everything most people enjoy with Indiana Jones. Reaching a distribution deal with Paramount, Disney now owns future rights to every future Indiana Jones film (with Paramount still making a s... read feature

Han Solo's Blaster

You cannot afford Han Solo's blaster, now up for auction

Do you have the ducats?
Dec 04
Do you like The Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi? Do you like Han Solo so much you'd be willing to sell several of your kidneys to own a piece of him? Do you have 200,000 ducats lying around, taking up space? Do I ha... read

Oldboy may be one of the biggest bombs in recent history

Dec 02
Spike Lee's remake of Oldboy has been pretty much universally panned across the board. Some of this might be simply because the original never needed to be remade, but it's also because the movie just isn't that good. It... read

Disney breaks its own all-time box office record

Scrooge McDucking like a boss
Nov 12
Did you know that Disney held the all-time box office record? In 2010 they made $3.79 billion. They still hold the record, it's just more now. This year they've officially made $3.79 billion, and they still have the holiday s... read

Insidious: Chapter Three is now a thing because money

Sep 17
Since Insidious: Chapter Two (Insidiou2) made big bucks during its opening weekend, Sony Pictures Worldwide has announced that Leigh Whannel (the screenwriter of the previous Insidious films) has now begun working on Insidiou... read

Vin Diesel leveraged his house to make Riddick

Aug 30
We all know Riddick was a bit of a passion project for star Vin Diesel and that it wouldn't have gotten off the ground without a lot of help from him, but I didn't think he put this much into the movie. The movie is as i... read
Paramount and them VODs

Paramount looking to expand on "day-and-date" VOD indies

As Video On Demand becomes a better option, Paramount looking to release them simultaneously with theaters.
Aug 01
While going out to see a movie is getting more and more expensive, it makes smaller independent movies more of a risk to the consumer. Would you rather spend you ten dollars on a smaller film like Only God Forgives, or go wit... read
Too high ticket prices

Ticket prices are too damn high according to NATO

I ain't saying theaters are gold diggers, but they don't mess with no broke brokes.
Jul 26
NATO, or better known as the National Association of Theater Owners, confirmed what most of us already knew. Seeing movies in theaters is getting too damn expensive. According to them, the average price of a movie ticket rose... read

Regal Cinemas to raise their ticket prices 4%

Gotta learn to love boot soup if you wanna watch them Hobbit sequels
May 23
Deadline reported that Regal ticket prices are expected to go up 3% to 4% this year, in keeping with patterns from previous years. This means that you'll need to take out a loan if you want to waste your money on World War Z ... read

World War Z needs $400 million to break even

Things that won't happen
May 01
Summer movie train wreck World War Z is looking to cause a world of hurt for Paramount when it releases if a recent Vanity Fair article is correct. Doing some quick math the article concludes that the film will have to b... read
That'a a lot of Iron, man

You cannot afford this life sized Iron Man 3 figure

["I'd rather have a working suit for that much money" goes here]
Apr 29
Are you swimming in an ocean of extra couch change and are eagerly awaiting Iron Man 3 this Friday because Nathan gave it rave remarks in his review? Maybe Sideshow Collectibles has the right thing for you! If you have an ext... read
Jack the Giant Flop

Jack the Giant Slayer on track to lose $125-140 million

Jack the Giant Flop
Apr 03
The rest of the world seems to agree with Matt on this one. In his review, he criticized Giant Slayer's lack of anything special, and that's now reflected in its Box Office performance. After its four week run (it's only been... read

G.I. Joe 3 is definitely happening. Go Joe!

Because money
Apr 02
As someone who has not seen G.I. Joe or the recently released Retaliation, I'm not sure whether this should be taken as good or bad news. Either way, it's kind of nutty for Paramount to announce that they've green-lit a ... read

Veronica Mars creator planning production documentary

Mar 19
Following the tremendous (and continuing) success of the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter, series creator Rob Thomas has been doing his best to comfort the naysayers in regards to just how those millions of dollars are go... read

Hansel & Gretel sequel already in the works

Maybe they can nab Rush for the soundtrack
Mar 18
In the age of instant sequels and reboots, there is usually only one factor that influences the future of a film franchise, and it's those greenbacks y'all. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters saw mediocre results domestically, ... read
Nine days left and the best thank you video ever
A little more than a month ago, we brought you news of the hippest new crowdfunding campaign in town. The team behind Bellflower, Coatwolf Productions, decided to make a throwback to videogames and action films from the ... read feature

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