A game of tag to turn into a movie

6:00 PM on 02.14.2013 // Logan Otremba

Have you and your friends ever played a game of tag? Have you and those same friends been playing it for 23 years? There is this group of friends from the state of Washington that have kept up a game of tag for that long.

Basically every February, it becomes a nation-wide game for these friends and the person who is “it” must travel all over to tag one of their friends. Whoever is “it” is it for the rest of the year, until the next February.

Back in January, a Wall Street Journal reporter wrote a story about it. The “Tag Brothers,” as they have been called, have been pitching their story to Hollywood producers. It apparently worked because on Wednesday, they sold the rights to the story to Broken Road producer Todd Garner (Jack and Jill, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice).

There may eventually be a studio that picks this up. In terms of what genre it would be, who knows? I’m going on a limb to call it a comedy.

[via Slashfilm]

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