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Adele to perform Skyfall for the first time at Oscars

2:00 PM on 01.23.2013

Matthew Razak


Adele hasn't sung her Golden Globe winning, Oscar nominated song "Skyfall" live before. As with most Bond songs it came out and was a hit, but doesn't always jump into the artists actual repertoire of songs. She also hasn't been doing much live performing. Lucky for the world she'll be belting the number out at the Oscars making the show something you actually want to watch.

There are two sure fire wins this year at the Oscars. The first and most obvious is Anne Hathaway for supporting actress in Les Misérables. The second is Adele winning for Skyfall's opening song, "Skyfall." The only thing that even comes close to the recognition of it is Les Misérables's "Suddenly," and that is a distant second.

It's unclear if the rest of the nominees will be performing as well, but I doubt any of them will knock it out of the park like Adele. 

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Matthew Razak
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