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The Big Sick

Alamo Drafthouse to serve Pakistani cuisine for The Big Sick

12:00 PM on 06.15.2017 // Anthony Marzano

Here's hoping you don't get Bigly Sick

Indie darling and all around wonderful microchain Alamo Drafthouse is setting the mood to prepare for the upcoming release of Kumail Nanjiani's semi-autobiographical romcom The Big Sick. To help get movie patrons in the mood the theater is offering Pakistani dishes for order at the food bar in selected locations.

The dishes which were curated by Nanjiani and his wife and co-star Emily Gordon were made for the theater by Alamo Drafthouse Chef Brad Sorenson and according to the two stars play a vital role in the story of the film. The dishes range from appetizer all the way down to a dessert and as someone who loves Pakistani food I can say these are all great dishes and I would eat them all. While I may not be the biggest fan of eating during a movie, if the food helps to bring you into the movie more and experience the story better then I really have no leg to stand on with my concerns.

The selected menu is currently available in the Austin, Brooklyn, and San Francisco locations and will expand to the Dallas, Denver, El Paso, Yonkers, Houston, Kansas City, Lubbock, and Phoenix locations on June 27th. The movie opens up in the Austin, Brooklyn, and San Francisco locations on the 30th before expanding on July 7th and 14th.

Anthony Marzano, Editor
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