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AMC allowing children to see unrated Bully with parents

5:00 PM on 03.28.2012 // Alex Katz

It feels thoroughly weird when the big corporate fatcats wind up being the good guys in a fight for once. On the heels of the announcement that the upcoming documentary Bully would be released unrated, effectively rejecting the MPAA's R rating, AMC announced that it will allow children to see the movie with parental permission, either with the parent accompanying them as required for an R-rated movie or with a parental note/a phone call from the parents. By contast, the smaller chain Cinemark is refusing to even release the film, unless there's an "offical" R-rated release as well. Sort of silly, considering this release IS technically the R-rated release. 

Most baffling of all, the Parents Television Council is pushing for the film not to be shown anywhere, not wanting this unrated release to buck the fundamentally-broken MPAA ratings system. You'd think a group of parents ostensibly organized to protect their children would be all about a documentary about bullying, but it looks like an arbitrary rating and a few naughty words completely throws such high-minded ideas out the window.

I hope someone gives those parents the worst swirlie on Earth, and maybe some Indian burns as well. Is "Indian burn" a racist remark? 

[Via The Consumerist, The AV Club]

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