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Arty posters for extremely un-arty Texas Chainsaw 3D

3:00 PM on 12.18.2012 // Matthew Razak

Leatherface is set to return to theaters once again (sigh) this January 4 in Texas Chainsaw 3D, and, as the title suggests, this time he's coming back in 3D (sigh). In all honesty the film looks pretty damn dull and director John Luessenhop has almost no pedigree in the horror department. No one really seems to understand that the thing that made the original work was not blood and gore, but a relentless weirdness and strangely honest brutality.

The lack of originality on display in the trailer for the film is not, however, on display in these new posters made up for the movie by Lionsgate, Vice and what can only be described as a bunch of hipster artists. Removing the negative connotation of the word hipster from the equation some of these posters are pretty damn sweet... others are not. Unfortunately it doesn't look like you can buy any of them.

You can check some out below, but there are a whole lot more over in Vice's gallery.

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