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Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed VR experience basically simulates a virtual reality tech demo/commercial

12:00 PM on 12.03.2016 // Hubert Vigilla

It's like you're really sitting there

As Assassin's Creed tries to hype up its December 21st release, it looks like some new technology is being used to sell the movie to you. In this case, it's a virtual reality movie that was shot on-location during the actual movie's production.

An Assassin's Creed VR thingy should be available right now for the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. It should also be viewable as a non-VR 360-video on Facebook. The VR experience can be accessed via the Oculus Video app. In addition to the app and Facebook stuff, AMC Theaters in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, and New York City have Oculus kiosks where you can check out the VR experience in person.

Bring hand sanitizer and baby wipes. Also, call your mother.

Here's a trailer about the VR experience.

The six participating AMC Theaters are as follows:

  • Century City 15 - Los Angeles, CA
  • Orange 30 - Orange, CA
  • Lincoln Square 13 - NYC
  • 34th Street 14 - NYC
  • Barton Creek 14 - Austin, TX
  • Metreon 16 - San Francisco, CA

According to The Verge, the VR experience runs in the afternoons starting around 2PM or 3PM, running until 9PM or 10PM.

I'm not sure how dynamic this experience will be. The static nature of the VR may make it seem like you're just sitting around while a guy beats up stuff in front of you. It's the experience of 15th century Spain from the comfort of an office chair. That's much different from something like the VR short Allumette, which allows you to walk around the virtual setting and has a genuine sense of interactivity and immersion.

If I'm at any of those theaters in the next week and the kiosk is around, I'll give it a shot, though. At least it's something. A crummy commercial is something.

Are you going to try this Assassin's Creed VR thing? Have you already tried it? Are you even excited about the film, or is it just another movie? Let us know in the comments.

[via Variety, The Verge]

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