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Awesome fan builds the Battle of Hoth in his living room

3:00 PM on 02.20.2013 // Nick Valdez

"Hoth? They should call it Coldth!"

Remember when in The Empire Strikes Back how everyone suddenly was on an ice planet for some reason? And then a battle happened for other reasons (i.e it was badass to look at)? Imagine looking at all of that cool action in the comfort of your living room. Well, you can do that anyway with home video but you get what I mean!

"Barry", as he's known on the Internet without a last name apparently, decided home video wasn't enough, so he went ahead and built him an entire recreation of the Battle of Hoth. Complete with Vader choking a guy, awesome looking cotton ball explosions (seriously that takes effort), and that one turret with a suspicious shape. You can check out a few more images in the gallery. Although I wish there were a larger collection of photos like "Barry" use to have, but he recently took down his Facebook page and a YouTube video detailing his replica (although you can get just an eensy bit more at Nerd Approved). I hope it wasn't a result of abuse (with comments like "hurr hurr he's got too much time on his hands hurr") from jealous people because this is really a work of art. Seriously, little Vader choking a guy wins as life.

[Nerd Approved, via /Film]

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