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Be ambivalent with me about opening of The Dictator

7:00 PM on 04.26.2012

Alex Katz

Managing Editor

Much like the rest of the marketing campaign for The Dictator, this short clip, the opening of the film, leaves me cold and wondering if Sacha Baron Cohen's schtick has lost its flavor. Granted, I enjoyed the bit where confusion is rampant at a doctor's office in a country where the word "Aladeen" means both positive and negative, but other than that? Pretty boring.

I'm wondering if Sacha Baron Cohen's on his way to a Mike Meyers-style career collapse, where his own perception of his talent and popularity will be his downfall. I mean, the man hasn't really evolved as a comedian since Ali G. That's damn near twenty years running off of the same shtick. I think it's time for him to change things up.

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Alex Katz

Managing Editor
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