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Mattias Sjstrand avatar 5:26 PM on 10.06.2012  (server time)
Kelly´s Heroes Love this movie or i will cut you.

The 1970s movie Kelly´s Heroes is one of the best things ever created by man and i will attempt to tell you why here and hopefully make you want to watch it.

The first thing you need to know about this movie is this, the movie has Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, Donald Sutherland and Don mother fucking Rickles and they are all shooting nazis.
I do not know what cosmic powers came together to put these men together and throw a bunch of
angry german men with machine guns at them but i am very very happy that is happened.

The premise of the movie is quite simple, Clint Eastwood plays the classic gruff army guy who finds information on a bank full of german gold. So he ropes his squad into heading behind enemy lines to commit the perfect crime, to rob a bank full of nazi gold in the middle of a war.

After bribing Don Rickles to supply him with vehicles and guns and convincing the reluctant Telly Savalas and the rest of his unit who would really rather just enjoy the few days of they got instead of being shot at they find the last addition to their group.
They find Donald Sutherland who plays some sort of new age stoner tank commander in charge of several tanks and a small gypsie camp.

And so the fun starts, they go AWOL and move in behind enemy lines, along the way Clint Eastwood looks stoic and surly, Telly Savalas would rather be home but does what he does best, Don Rickles is there to complain and talk about how rich they are going to be. And Donald Sutherland... well he gets to drive into a rail yard full of nazis and proceed to shoot the shit out of them for 3 glorious minutes

The movie is pure classic ww2 joy, its full of practical effects, real explosions and tons and tons of nazis. What else can you ask for in a movie? It is a light hearted war movie with emotional ups and downs as casualties mount up. It also dosent skimp on the action in any way, complete with blown up buildings and giant tiger tanks.

I truly love the movie so i find it hard to find any big faults with it, the ending feels like its missing a few scenes and the movie is bloodless which just feels slightly odd.
But if you want a classic world war 2 movie you will need to see this, it has Don Rickles and nazis... why aren't you watching it yet? Im not joking. I will cut you in the face.

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