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Mattias Sjstrand avatar 11:30 AM on 11.16.2012  (server time)
The digital flixist house.

Ok so peep this amigos, i got really bored today right so i created... digital flixist house.
Its cast includes: Jenika and Alex Katz, Maxwell Roahrig, Andres Dre Bolivar, Nick Valdez, Liz Rugg, Hubert Villiga and Sean Walsh. Can you pick out who is who?

A crisp day daws over Sims town and new people have come to town... sadly two of them are brown and one is asian so tensions are high and property value plummet.
As the new comers spreads like a black (very black certain cases) cloud over the city as jobs are snatched away from hard working native Sims. Max and Liz both start off within the field of journalism. Jenika decides to turn to politics becuse she has no soul and loves lying. Sean is a slacker and stays home, hoping to watch as much porn as humanly possible. Bolivar and Valdez are brown so they turn to a life of crime becuse well... no need to explain why. After watching Top gun for 20 times in a row Alex joins the army. And Hubert stays at home because i envision him as a 75 year old asian man.

And look at this gang of friends, just look at Max. Look at how mother fucking serious he is about book shelves, he is ready to reach into his own chest to ripe out his own heart and show how it beats for nothing else then fucking book shelves.

I can tell you that they are boring bunch tho, they sat for a solid 8 hours playing video games and postulating that the common scandinavian man has no sense of shame or modesty. I belive at some point Alex went outside to work out becuse they are white trash (some of them) and put workout equipment on the lawn.

As is often time with americans their hunger overtakes them and soon there is a pizza party. Bolivar being who he is quickly begins to hit on the red head pizza girl while someone pisses his pants. By taste i narrowed it down to either Sean or Max, as they have very simmilar tastes i can not prove who did it...
I am unsure why Valdez is gazing so longing at Bolivars rippling muscular form... firm and supple full of male vigor and promise of sensual adventures not even imagined... wait what was i talking about?

Night comes, and the pizza girl leaves without Bolivar getting to launch his inter vaginal missile in her baltic area, dejected he slides his oiled up body into the satin sheets... oh Dre... Max on the other hand was too late to find a bed and is forced to sleep on the sofa, head inches away from a large puddle of piss that no one seems to feel warranting cleaning up... filthy savages.

Join me tomorrow or when ever i feel like doing it again for more wacky flixist adventures. Will Dre and Valdez do well within the world of crime? Will Max strangle another hooker? Is it true that Hubert fought for the vietcong in the 70s?

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