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Mattias Sjstrand avatar 5:12 PM on 09.19.2012  (server time)
What should the next erotic podcast story be about?

So for those that have been listening to the flixist podcast for the fast few months may have noticed a small recurring segment where they invite the insane vaguely erotic and racist ramblings of myself to happen at them.

But i feel its time to bring the community in on this, we came together for the first Anus week and i feel we can rally around another deeply disturbing aspect of this website.

So i want your ideas for a future podcast story, what i need from you are 3 things.

1. Main character. This will of course be one of the flixist editors of staff that you want have something horrible happen to them.

2. The setting. Where and when will the horrible things happen, will it be on the moon? Will it be at your 7th birthday party? Who dosent want to have Nick Valdez have shoes shoved into him at a cherished childhood memory.

3. The shocker. This is the random thing you want put in. Do you want Valdez to also be a a neo nazi skin head while getting shoes in his butt at your birthday? Then say so.

Please let me know what you want in a future story, i will take the best or most popular suggestions and work them into a future one.

And on a random note, shouldant next week be Testicle week?

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