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Retrofraction avatar 8:40 PM on 10.03.2016  (server time)
My Favorite Blockbuster Moment

I guess you could say that as a kid there were not many who were not more cultured than I. Not that as kid the things I did were lame but that there simply was a world of possibility out there I had not explored.

So when the first trombone sectional movie night I was amazed at what was to be found. My section leader, who is now a professional female body builder (never would have guessed that myself), had managed to get the guys all together to watch Strange Brew. I do not know if you ever managed to watch that film but it was probably one of the most absurd comedies at the time. (Probably up there with Air Plane)

So my mind was opened to the crazy comedy genre and I don’t think it ever quite recovered. As from then on it was really hard to write anything serious, and in 2006 dark was in. But everything I tried to write just came out silly.

Fast forward to 2007 and I was in charge of getting the movies for the “low brass movie night”.  My friend was the leader, but I guess at that time I was already known as the movie guy so I got stuck picking the films that year.

We had a small Blockbuster, in fact it was tiny; pretty much every square inch of the place was filled with DVDs. That was the year when Hot Rod came out and it was pretty perverted. (Which was a great hit as it pretty much filled everyone’s need for little boy humor)

Being the guy who does not like looking though the whole store for another movie I simply picked up Hot Fuzz on a whim. Which looking back was the best thing I could have done.

But honestly it was the right kind of smart comedy that a film like Hot Rod perfectly counters. At first everyone thought I picked a serious drama action flick and they were pleasantly surprised to find a horror and comedy elements tied together.

Most of the people there had never heard of Hot Fuzz and it was a crazy success.

But yeah that was my favorite night renting from Blockbuster.

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