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Timo90 avatar 3:12 PM on 03.07.2013  (server time)
Tomb Re-Raider

I am going to come out and say it and I'm sure that I am not the only person that thinks this, we have a new Tomb Raider game and now I want a new Tomb Raider film. For those who don't agree, consider what good reason you have for not wanting one. Were the last films the holy grail of cinema? Too precious to bury under a re-boot? I think not and it might even be for the best that we push the Angelina Jolie era under the carpet. No one relly wants to remember the last films and they shouldn't have to. What better way to rid ourselves of the memory than by facing our fears and watching the new and improved Lara Croft? For some that won't be an issue because the latest generation of teenagers are likely to have missed Angelina Jolie's escapades as Lara Craft due to the fact that they were too young to be aware of Tomb Raider, it has been 10 years!

Let me tell you why a re-boot is a good idea. The new Tomb Raider game comes across as a much grittier affair, taking the story back to the start where we see how young Lara Croft begins her trade in antiques and ass kicking (what other popular re-boot does that sound like?). It seems as though the latest film will continue in the same vein, taking cues from the game, as announced GK Films will be working along side Crystal Dynamicsm to make this. That interests me, I want to see this new Lara Croft taking on the world through a different perspective. We can agree, I hope, that the new approach the game has taken the story in makes for a more interesting story, one that will steal our imaginations instead of our money.

Maybe Tomb Raider has scarred you for life and you want nothing more to do with it after having to experience the last two films. That may be the case and I may never convince you but that isn't really my job even though it might seem like I'm trying to. I just think that a re-boot sounds like a great idea after playing the game and pondering the potential of a new story line which takes us on a coming of age journey, from mild mannered student to the ass kicking tomb raider. Who can say that wouldn't be fun?

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