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billbarney avatar 4:09 AM on 07.07.2017  (server time)
Poker Films

Poker has made film history and countless Hollywood movies. Our poker
films section reviews every poker film of note that touches upon the
wonderful and colorful world of poker from across the world.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is one of the best things to come out of British cinema and it just so happens the plot revolves around our beloved poker!
Lock, Stock is set in the East End of London, England. A group of best mates Eddie, Soap, Bacon and Tom are men about town always up to some kind of scam. Eddie is a card shark and decides to enter himself for an illegal high stakes poker game where he believes he cant lose until the game is a set up. Now he is in debt to, the not to be crossed, Hatchet Harry for the sum of $800,000 who promises that if the money isn't returned the fearsome debt collector Big Chris and his side kick son will take revenge. That is unless Eddies father hands over his bar to his old time rival, which was never going to be an option. The gang set out to pull off what seems like a simple robbery in order to pay off Hatchet Harry however nothing is quite that easy in this high action and funny underworld classic.


Heres a question for you. What do your author and 2003 World Series of Poker champion Chris Moneymaker have in common? No, I don't wear crazy glasses, but like Moneymaker I seriously started to get into poker after seeing Rounders, perhaps the greatest poker film ever.

Released in 1998 and starring Matt Damon, Ed Norton and John Malkovich, Rounders surrounds the game of poker and especially No limit Texas hold em with style. Damons character Mike is the star and we see how a wonder kid at poker goes bust against Norton's Russian gangster Teddy KGB in a high limit underground game. The film follows how Mike is drawn back into the game by his best friend and fellow card shark Worm (Ed Norton) amongst a backdrop of cheating, tells and card mechanics.

I defy anyone to see this film to not want to pick the cards up straight after the end and head straight down the nearest casino. The acting is good with a tight script and the card scenes are well shot to convey the tension. It even manages to feature a cameo from World series of Poker ten times winner and all round poker legend Johnny Chan! Rounders is a great film and if you missed it first time round pick up the special edition DVD with commentary from poker legends Phil Hellmuth Jr, Chris Moneymaker, Chris Ferguson and of course Chan.

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