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7:11 PM on 10.22.2012

Nihonjinron: Idols

Part 8: Japans Kawaii Culture What is an idol? A survey amongst the japanese would result in a lack of consensus. That is because the current template for an idol is not constrained to one sector of the entertainment ind...   read

4:05 PM on 10.15.2012

Nihonjinron: Tokyo

Part 7: An Introduction to Japanese Culture Society and culture are inherently intertwined, however they are not necessarily representative of each other. While customs and religious belief do affect social structure, and ...   read

12:50 AM on 10.10.2012

Nihonjinron: Poverty

Part 6: Rejected From the Japanese Dream Having a sense of homogeneity, the japanese really consider themselves uniformly middle class. And while that was outstandingly true for many years, Japans economy is distorting, whi...   read

4:31 PM on 09.09.2012

Nihonjinron: The School

Part 4: Life in the Japanese Education System Through its entertainment, Japan has put the school life on the forefront. Particularly through manga, and thereby, anime, where even its masterpieces cannot escape a healthy dos...   read

5:18 PM on 08.16.2012

Nihonjinron: Family

Part 3: Family Constellations(1) in Cinema  The family is the most basic (and important) unit that composes society. It maintains or breaks the status quo, eradicates or creates traditions. Japan, in that aspect, is und...   read

3:51 PM on 08.16.2012

Nihonjinron: Idiosyncrasy

Part 2: On the Japanese Mindset As a nation and as a society, the japanese consider themselves homogeneous, classless, prioritizing the group above the individual; and only as a collective, the real efforts for distinction...   read

10:58 AM on 05.17.2011

The Low Art Gloominati: Camp Rock [2008]

[Spoiler Alert] Payola promoted, Disney-produced, beautified trio, also known as The Jonas Brothers star along with Demi Lovato in this General Audience, all ages admitted, TV movie: Camp Rock. Camp Rock as a film explore...   read

1:39 PM on 05.14.2011

The Low Art Gloominati: Xiang Ri Kui (Sunflower) [2005]

[Spoiler Alert] Sure the time where Mao Zedong ruled China has spawned an infinite number of intriguing books, films, paintings, etc. But also, China’s quick transformation to a capitalist life and its inherent uneven ex...   read

11:11 PM on 03.17.2011

The Low Art Gloominati: Silent Hill [2006]

[Spoiler Alert] Films are not an inferior or superior media compared to literature and vice-versa, each has its strengths and downfalls, the conversion or as often called: adaptation, from one to the other can enhance or c...   read

4:27 PM on 03.08.2011

The Low Art Gloominati: Fucking Åmål [1998]

[Spoiler Alert] It doesn’t matter how poor Africa is, how many people died in the latest natural disaster or how many elderly are abandoned throughout the year, there is just one simple truth: when it is your problem it ...   read

11:08 AM on 03.07.2011

The Low Art Gloominati: Dare [2009]

[Spoiler Alert][This is not a review] It is not a casual or a recurrent proposal to film or write your first feature film, even less for an independent work to cast a starlet of the Holy Wood that will, irrefutably, expand...   read

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