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The Power of Social Media for You Small Business

If your small business hasn’t realized the real power of social media marketing yet, it’s high time to do so.

A survey suggests that approximately 60% of people love to talk and share their life experiences online than they do in real life.

Consumer shopping behavior has dramatically evolved, online shopping is the new norm these days. And the shopping experience has become rapidly more social with social media channels. These social media networks, in turn, have increased business capabilities like the buy button.

This changing behavior of consumers provide small businesses a great opportunity to immediately boost their sales. Now it’s no surprise that many big corporations are seriously investing their efforts and resources on social media marketing, to offer a seamless and flexible shopping experience to their potential customers.

While large retailers and businesses may have sufficient budget to spend on social media marketing, small businesses and startups too can leverage social media marketing to drive more sales.

But the question is where do you begin? What things you need to keep in mind while creating a social media strategy for your small business?

Here are some important social media strategies that you can follow to boost your sales and revenue.

Get People to Share and Like Your Brand

Social media is a place where genuine and instant user engagement is required. And it will result in fostering long-term, strong customer relationships. Besides promoting your products and services, you can use social media platforms to share informative stories, visuals that will evoke positive emotions and make people to share your posts.

You might ask people to share their stories, user experience and insights on topics related to your niche. This way, people will feel more connected to your brand and be inspired to make a purchase decision.

Offer Exceptional Customer Support Service

For many people, a brand’s Facebook page or Twitter handle serve as their customer support system and to share their reviews about the brand. To prevent any negative impact, it is important to immediately resolve all queries and provide an instant solution.

If you don’t have enough resources to provide high level of customer service, investing in chatbots and social media monitoring tools to stay on top of customer issues. When a customer shares a positive experience, consider posting it on your website and different social media channels.

Use Hashtags Strategically

Businesses continue to transform the way consumers shop on social media. Let’s take an example of Amazon here: Amazon has transformed the social commerce experience by introducing #AmazonCart which simply allows Twitter users to add their favorite products from tweets with a direct link to Amazon shopping cart so they can easily make a purchase later.

Being a small business owner, you don’t need to invest in highly sophisticated technical things to get the desired results. All you need a simple social media marketing strategy and tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite to schedule your posts regarding your products, special offer, brand story, weekly deals or anything informative.

Each post should include a compelling image, promo code, direct link for purchase and a relevant hashtag such as #WomenFashion #WomenShirts #SummerWearForWomen if you are an ecommerce business store that has a category for women apparel.

Improve the Mobile Purchasing Experience  

Businesses no matter small, medium or big can’t ignore the impact of massive mobile usage and mobile purchasing, especially considering the fact that mobile devices have now become the crucial part of our everyday lives. With more than 1 billion monthly active users of Facebook, it is indeed the perfect social media platform to reach a number of potential buyers on the go. You can also create a schedule of posts with your promotional offers, along with interesting visuals, promo codes, and direct links of landing pages.

Add a Shopping Cart Directly to Your Social Media Channels

Businesses can optimize their online reach by incorporating a shopping cart directly into your company Facebook page, so your consumers can shop and purchase online without leaving their Facebook account.  In addition, you can add an online store to your any social media platforms or WordPress blog. These networks are mobile-optimized so you can ensure a seamless, flexible shopping experience for your customers.

Final Words

No matter if your small business hasn’t a sizable budget for your social media marketing, these strategies will give your customers a positive shopping experience consumers are looking for. You will have a great opportunity to reach a wide range of people who just may convert into your loyal customers. Or simply consider getting social media marketing services from a renowned agency to strengthen your sales pipeline.

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