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veradriane avatar 2:09 AM on 05.19.2016  (server time)
An Upfront Honest Review of The Great Gatsby

So a week ago, I got a glimpse at "The Great Gatsby". Didn't watch the full movie back then, tho, as getting up early for a meeting was my main goal that day. And before you start judging me on my obvious lack of film taste, questioning my excuses to miss one of the greatest movies in the cinema history, let me just tell you my weekly schedule is far more complex than I wish it to be.

I managed to take my time during the weekend and defrayed each and every moment of the movie. The story soaked into my soul, incited by my pure attraction to the overall style of the Gatsby era. Being the fashion lover that I am, I couldn't fail to notice the exquisite fashion taste that movie sprout in the air. The glamorous dresses, elaborate hair styles and exceptional manners which the Gatsby movie reflects through the prism of the 20's fashion is a must-see for every fashion enthusiast.
The Gatsby's fashion ensemble has carefully touched up the actors' appearance to perfection, twisting their looks into a magnifique mix of patterns, colours, and texture. Needless to say the stage decoration, resembling fabulous hotspots, glitter-sprinkled venues and the best of the Jazz era, has managed to turn the movie into a truly remarkable experience

What I fancied the most were the almost futuristic looking geometric shapes and captivating colours which cover the dresses, the stage, and the whole movie poster. Settled way before the pop and rock era, in a time where the Gold Bug Speedster was the best car in the whole world, a time where domestic cleaners were mere stewards and glitter was the greatest thing since hot bread. Reminding of the fantastical twist of the plot, the golden lines create a whimsical atmosphere gently entangled with the vintage style of the film.

Тhe bland beauty and untamable spirit of the main actors quickly put them in liking. But it is their noble looks and exquisite stage decoration which build the complexly layered atmosphere of the Gatsby movie. The feathers, bold patterns, fringes and emblazoned movie decor turns it into a manifest of the 20's magnificent style and a true celebration of the book.
If you want to sink into a languorous world of jazz and discover love through a set of complex adventures of the mind and soul, go watch the Great Gatsby.

* * *

About the author:

Veronika is a marketing executive and social media whiz. Yet, most than everything, she's a movie rant and a dedicated gamer. When she's not enjoying a long walk along the seashore after a fun cinema night with her family, you could often see her browsing through the endless realms of the Internet, pinning mesmerizing images, collecting marketing case studies and writing her heart out in yet another entangling post. She currently tackles some awesome projects with Brisbane's favorite cleaners and always makes sure she had her daily dose of TV series to keep her inspiration flowing.

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