Body Snatchers: Avengers-inspired dresses

9:00 AM on 05.24.2012

Jenika Katz

Former Editor

There's nothing quite as cool as a fan-made craft. Tumblr user Robinade is a big fan of super heroes, and she recently incorporated the costumer designs from The Avengers into some adorable little sun dresses.

Her Tumblr account has a few mock-ups of the designs, including a few that aren't in the sketches. I'd love to see a version of the Hulk dress. I'm guessing it would have to be a blended stretch fabric to be most accurate. She has a few more sketches from other super heroes, including Green Lantern and Aquaman. The Green Lantern dress is especially cute. It seems like it would make nice club wear.

[Via io9]

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