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Box Office Numbers: Jack Reacher can't reach (around) top

9:00 AM on 12.24.2012

Geoff Henao

That Guy

The Jack Reacher/reach-around joke will never get old. When I die, I hope there's a reach around pun on my tombstone, complete with a silhouette of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. Unfortunately, Tom Cruise and his reaching around wasn't enough to overtake the box office this weekend as the film took in a measly $15.6m in comparison to the incumbent The Hobbit and its $36.7m. Judd Apatow's This is 40 followed in third place with $12m. I haven't seen it yet, but the idea of a Knocked Up sequel sounded kind of boring to me, but that could be because I wasn't a huge fan of Knocked Up.

The rest of the box office numbers are below.

[via Rentrak]

1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey$36,705,000

2. Jack Reacher$15,600,000

3. This is 40$12,030,690

4. Rise of the Guardians$5,900,000

5. Lincoln$5,633,000

6. The Guilt Trip$5,390,000

7. Monsters, Inc.$5,040,000

8. Skyfall$4,700,000

9. Life of Pi$3,800,000

10. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2$2,600,000

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