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Box Office Numbers: The Oscars!

8:30 AM on 02.25.2013

Geoff Henao

That Guy

The Oscars happened last night! People won awards! Jennifer Lawrence's dress looked like a blanket! Oscar the Grouch! Box office numbers from this past weekend!


[via Rentrak]

1. Identity Thief$14,064,030

2. Snitch$13,000,000

3. Escape from Planet Earth$11,013,000

4. Save Haven$10,600,000

5. A Good Day to Die Hard$10,000,000

6. Dark Skies$8,850,000

7. Silver Linings Playbook$6,051,000

8. Warm Bodies$4,750,000

9. Side Effects$3,511,000

10. Beautiful Creatures$3,410,000

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