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Box Office Numbers: We are all doomed

9:00 AM on 11.14.2011 // Andrew Kauz

I'm not saying that the general moviegoing public had a lot to choose from this weekend, but their choices were terrible. Immortals and Jack and Jill took the top two spots and actually made quite a bit of money for a pair of pre-Thanksgiving dookiefests.

The film with the cat came in third, bring to an end my reign of dirty headlines. Happy Feet 2 comes out this weekend, though, so we'll see. Not sure what I'm going to do with that yet, but I'll figure it out. That I can promise you.

Read dem full numbers below.

[via Rentrak]

1. Immortals - $32,000,000

2. Jack & Jill - $26,000,000

3. Puss in Boots - $25,500,000

4. Tower Heist -$13,176,700

5. J. Edgar - $11,470,000

6. A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas - $5,900,000

7. In Time - $4,150,000

8. Paranormal Activity 3 - $3,625,000

9. Footloose - $2,735,000

10. Real Steel - $2,000,000

Andrew Kauz,
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