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World War Z 2

Brad Pitt wants David Fincher back ... for World War Z sequel

12:24 PM on 08.11.2016 // Rick Lash

Ever since World War Z blew audiences away back in 2013 (read: made $540 million at the worldwide box office) the people have been clamoring for a sequel (read: its producers have been dying to milk a sequel for all its worth, no matter that the source material has already been milked dry and primarily ignored). But hey, zombies are still hot; am I right, AMC and The Walking Dead?

Thus it comes as little surprise that Brad Pitt is looking for a good director to helm his sequel baby's early development. And when you're looking for someone to raise your kid, who better than a parent you already trust, someone like an old partner, aka Mr. David Fincher.

Fincher has already paired with Pitt on three other high profile and highly successful films including Seven (1995), Fight Club (1999), and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) so it definitely makes sense both from a compatibility and financial standpoint (though Fight Club's overall success was bolstered more at the home box office than on the big screen).

Max Brook's World War Z is a fantastic book and Brad Pitt is a pretty great actor with more hits than misses so WWZI promised to be great, in lieu of the teased at speedy army ants zombies. But the chicken headed, clucking zombies we got, were a little too off the mark for my taste. Let's pretend that this super duo movie star / director combo has one more great pairing in the bank and can set this franchise straight.

[Via Variety]

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