Cancer patient may see Star Trek Into Darkness early

J.J. Abrams is arranging for a terminal patient to receive his dying wish

8:00 AM on 12.31.2012

A man who may not have much time left has been granted one of his wishes: to see the Star Trek Into Darkness prologue, or maybe even the whole film early. J.J. Abrams himself is arranging for this to happen.

It began as a thread on Reddit asking to help a man with cancer who has weeks to live see the Star Trek sequel's prologue. Eventually, it was confirmed by Grady Hendrix (one of the founders of the New York Asian Film Festival, and a friend of the patient) that Abrams would try to grant this request. Hendrix posted the following about Dan, the patient:

Thanks everyone, and a huge thanks to OP ideeyut for posting this. JJ Abrams just called Dan's wife and left a message. He's going to try to arrange a screening for Dan, either of the film or at least of the 9 minute promo reel. I'll never say anything bad about JJ Abrams again. Seriously. He is now beyond reproach as far as I'm concerned.

Abrams is a class act for getting in touch and trying to make something happen. Regardless what Dan winds up seeing, it's going to make his remaining days a lot brighter knowing that there a lot of people out there who care.

[Reddit via Collider]

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