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1:00 PM on 02.18.2014

New images and 15 sec. tease for Guardians of the Galaxy

Before tonight's big premiere of the full trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy the fine folks at Marvel's PR department have been dripping out tease. Thus we see some brand new images from the film and the first 15 secon...

Matthew Razak

1:00 PM on 02.12.2014

New trailer: Transcendence

Omniscient, sentient operating systems-- can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em! I mean, what's a researcher to do when the internet houses the malevolent spirit of her dead husband's fractured psyche? Sounds like a sit...

Isabelle Magliari

8:00 AM on 02.12.2014

Review: Robocop

I have a great fear, dear reader. A great fear that the new RoboCop film will become the next Dredd. I fear that it's a great action movie that's coming out in the doldrums of the movie season without a big enough market...

Matthew Razak

5:00 PM on 02.03.2014

David Goyer The Breach adaptation picked up by Lionsgate

While David Goyer might be well known for his prolific comic book screenwriting career (Man of Steel, Batman movies, Blade) his directing hasn't really been that prolific. His last effort, The Unborn, was a middling horror fi...

Matthew Razak

10:00 AM on 01.28.2014

First official trailer for Terry Gilliam's Zero Theorem

Although Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem made its festival rounds last year, it has yet to get an official domestic release. I'm not going to sit here and try to dissect or front that I know exactly what's going on in the t...

Nick Valdez

2:00 PM on 01.23.2014

First images and deeper info from The Giver

An adaptation of The Giver has basically been in demand since the book was published, but it's been a long hard struggle to get to the point where we're seeing  images of the film. That means that my imagination has...

Matthew Razak

8:00 AM on 01.20.2014

Star Wars VII script complete, Jesse Plemons in talks

There are a LOT of Star Wars: Episode VII rumors floating around. From script problems, to crazy actor castings, to story points and so on. We here at Flixist don't want to clog you guys with all of that mumbo jumbo, and will...

Nick Valdez

10:00 AM on 01.15.2014

Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana in Avatar forever

There is more Avatar coming. A lot more. It may be taking a while, but that's because these are really big complicated movies and James Cameron's ego has to be appeased. No matter how long it takes it appears that tall, blue ...

Matthew Razak

10:00 AM on 01.14.2014

Gravity re-releasing in theaters this weekend

You have to see Gravity in theaters and in 3D. I'm pretty sure everyone has been screaming this since it released. It will just not be the same at home. Unfortunately for you the movie left theaters before you got a...

Matthew Razak

2:00 PM on 12.23.2013

First trailer for Transcendence, starring Johnny Depp

When I posted the teasers a few days ago, I wondered why Transcendence hadn't been on my radar until then. It promised a neat film about a man who bonds with a super intelligence and goes all Skynet on everyone. But with the...

Nick Valdez

12:00 PM on 12.20.2013

Two teasers for Transcendence, starring Johnny Depp

I have no idea why Transcendence (starring Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman) hasn't been on my radar until now. The film sounds perfect for me. It's a science fiction thriller in which Dr. Caster (Johnny Depp) attempts to buil...

Nick Valdez

11:00 AM on 12.14.2013

First teaser for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

Christopher's Nolan's follow up to the Dark Knight Trilogy, Interstellar, has been kept tightly under wraps. All we know about the film so far is that is stars Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, and basica...

Nick Valdez

8:00 AM on 12.12.2013

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes gets posters, release date

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the sequel to the reboot Rise of the Planet of the Apes, hopes to capitalize on the potential Rise left behind. Showing off one last battle between the humans who survived the virus in the last...

Nick Valdez

12:00 PM on 12.11.2013

First trailer for Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise

In this first trailer for Edge of Tomorrow (stupidly changed from its original title, All You Need Is Kill) starring Tom Cruise as he runs toward and/or away from things, the human race is constantly put down by a super...

Nick Valdez

9:00 PM on 12.09.2013

First trailer for the Wachowski's Jupiter Ascending

We've had very little to go on for Andy and Lana Wachowski's follow up to Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending, for the last few months now as everyone involved has been pretty tight lipped about the situation. But now that we hav...

Nick Valdez

12:00 PM on 11.24.2013

Review: The Day of the Doctor

Fifty years. I can't imagine what this means to people who tuned in to November 23rd, 1963 and watched The Unearthly Child play out. I can't imagine what this means to people who've followed it for more than a decade. I ...

Nathan Hardisty

10:00 AM on 11.21.2013

Flix for Short: Jonas Cuaron's Aningaaq

Gravity is pretty high on a lot of people's Best of 2013 lists, and is expected to get some serious Oscar nominations in the upcoming awards season. Gravity was created by Alfonso Cuaron with his son Jonas Cuaron, and now Jo...

Liz Rugg

9:00 AM on 11.21.2013

International trailer for RoboCop answers a big question

While the other two trailers for RoboCop didn't exactly light the world on fire with their generic overtones, this international trailer for the film at least answers a big question I've had with the upcoming reboot. Is Murp...

Nick Valdez

11:00 AM on 11.13.2013

See Catching Fire early and free

Oh, what's that? This just went live and all the passes are gone? That's pretty much how fast I'm expecting these things to go so make sure you're quick with it.  We've got admit two passes to what may be the biggest fil...

Matthew Razak

9:00 AM on 11.13.2013

Hunger Games cat recast after author request

One of the greatest casting mistakes in the history of cinema will be rectified when The Hunger Games: Catching Fire arrives this month. Buttercup, the cat who was incorrectly portrayed by a black and white cat in The Hu...

Matthew Razak

12:00 PM on 11.12.2013

Terminator reboot testing fine women for Sarah Connor

Now that Terminator 5 is officially a reboot of the series coming in 2015 (along with everything else ever) with Arnold Schwarzenegger signed on as a T-800 again, it's time for the cast to be narrowed down as well. According ...

Nick Valdez

NRH's Weekly Analysis: Doctor What? photo
NRH's Weekly Analysis: Doctor What?
by Nathan Hardisty

Ah. Hello. Terribly sorry to about ninety-percent of people who click on these things. Unfortunately a lot of this will depend on you having watched the film and being clued in to Doctor Who. Usually with these things y'all can just read along and enjoy the analysis with having seeing the film or looking into its tertiary material. With Doctor Who, however, any piece of it, you're pretty much boned unless you're at the very least bit 'involved' in the community. It's less of a fandom and more of a commitment.

Doctor Who, the confusingly-titled 1996 movie, is one of the most overlooked pieces of nineties cinemas and, when you think about it, science-fiction in general. It was a botched attempt at reviving one of the greatest television shows ever made. It was launched under Paul McGann's luscious locks and a production cost that was beyond the 'banana and a string' levels that were usual with Doctor Who. The film changed everything. It injected blockbuster and 'epic' flare into a long-running canon and, quite frankly, might be the only thing that saved Doctor Who from the void of the forgotten. Join me as we take a deeper look into this relic of the nineties.

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