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Check out these photos of Frodo looking like Gollum

3:00 PM on 12.19.2012 // Nick Valdez

Did you get to watch The Hobbit this past weekend and eat your fill of Denny's Hobbit Menu, yet still want some more Hobbit-y goodness? Well this is probably going to either ruin or make your day. There was a scene cut from the the original script of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers in which Faramir has a vision of a future where Frodo loses control of himself and succumbs to the power of the ring. New Line Cinema released this photo (admittedly some time ago) of Elijah Wood's mock-up make up transformation...and it is something else. 

It's not quite Gollum, but it's pretty close. It's like part of Frodo's "hobbitmanity" is still trapped in there (instead of the transformation to full on creature, like Gollum) fighting the ring and losing. Oddly enough, the make up alludes to someone with a substance dependency problem. His skin discoloration, his eyes, nails, all amount to a visual representation of the Ring's underlying metaphor. I honestly would have enjoyed The Two Towers a bit more if this scene was kept in. Shame. You can peep the full Frodollum photo below the jump, and a few extras in the gallery. 

[via Movie Ramblings]

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