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Check out this cute art from canceled Pixar film, Newt

1:00 PM on 01.04.2013

Nick Valdez

News Editor


With Pixar having a nice full slate of upcoming films, some projects do unfortunately fall by the wayside. I'm especially sad about Pixar's Newt, since it sounded adorable (it was about a male newt who found the last female newt of his species). At the same time though, I do believe it's a good thing that Pixar wants to expand itself outside of tiny animals.

And while we've shown off a bit of Newt concept art before, this new batch  posted by artist Katy Wu,  especially hurts. Just look at how cuuuuute this is! Why can't I have it? You can check out some pieces in the gallery with more at Wu's page.

[via Katy Wu]

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