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Curse of Chucky

Child's Play remake AND sequel being planned now

8:00 PM on 03.29.2012 // Jamie R Stone

Wow, so the Child's Play remake has been in the infamous Development Hell for a while now, huh? I remember hearing about this thing as far back as four years ago, and yet it's been pushed back further and further. Over the past couple of years, all hope seemed lost for the remake as there were apparently rights disputes over the franchise between MGM and Universal. Personally, I hate it when creativity is stifled by legal matters. Makes me want to toss the Confederations of America into the fireplace... or whatever legal document we follow blindly these days. At one point, MGM seemed to be in control again, the remake supposedly on its way with Brad Dourif set to reprise his role... but then no news has been reported on it since.

Well, at the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, North Carolina, there was a Child's Play reunion panel featuring Alex Vincent, Brad Dourif and Chris Sarandon. Dourif confirmed that he is now involved in the remake as well as a sequel to Seed of Chucky, though he mentioned not having seen a script for the Child’s Play remake yet.

This news makes absolutely no sense in my opinion, since Don Mancini has been expressing his desire to start the franchise off anew with this remake, a decidedly more frightening retelling of the first Child's Play with added twists and turns. Now he wants to make a sequel to arguably THE worst sequel in the series? Bride of Chucky walked the line between spoof and horror and served as an interesting twist in the franchise. Seed of Chucky was profoundly annoying as it took the jokes way too far. It turned the whole thing into a big joke, as if it was all about Chucky and his family. It's what happens when you see too much from the view of the villain; they start to lose their mysterious fear factor... and with Chucky, I just don't care to see him as anything but a cold-hearted killer doll who occasionally spouts cheesy lines and has an explosive temper.

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Jamie R Stone,
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