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We're always looking for stories. The best way to reach the ENTIRE friggin' editorial team is to contact [email protected]. We receive hundreds of emails a day and we can't over everything, so get creative! Sell it! Or send us something in the mail:


c/o: Flixist Editors
(or) Your favorite editor
548 Market Street #59757
San Francisco, CA 94104 USA

Can review this thing?

Well, this is awkward. Listen, our (very busy) editors try to choose the most relevant new products to review for our readers, so we can't "prioritize" a review if we're paid to look at something. That said, you can ship us products in the mail for suggestion (with included return postage) and we'll be happy to send it back to you once we're done. Note that if you provided a product for review our editorial will clearly state that we did not purchase it at the end of the editorial. You can read more about our ethics here, which was written in reference to a shake-up of the videogames industry but applies to our coverage at large.

The exception is of course are movie reviews, which we review immediately following premieres and film festivals while we're still wiping away the tears and popcorn flakes. Regarding press events and "junkets": We'd be happy to attend your event, but we cannot deliver a review on the spot while we're snorting powdered tequila with your CFO and Maroon 5. Products sent without return shipment will be given away to community members and nephews at our discretion.

Contests and Community

Won something? Want to host a contest on our site? You can always reach out to our community managers

Refunds, Subscriptions, and Merchandise

We don't handle any money directly, so it's more likely you bought something from one of our partners (like a subscription from TinyPass, which is the company who processes our ad-free subscriptions, or SharkRobot who does our T-Shirts. Please check your email receipts and contact the appropriate seller. Of course, blow up our support email if you can't find it.

General Support

Did someone do something naughty, like spam or ugly comments? Does a feature of the site not work? Reach us directly at Support Line. Please make sure you read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Common Sense.

Report a web site bug or feature request

If you have a suggestion on how we can make any of our sites better, we'd definitely love to hear it! Please submit it on our new features forum where people can vote it up! This helps us prioritize new site features, as we're a small web development team.


We prefer to work with third-party ad companies, not deal in direct ad sales. If you'd like to advertise with us, please contact Crave Online at [email protected]. Church and state, ya'll!

Do you want a job or an internship?

Check out the ModernMethod Website for job postings. If you want short-term freelance work you should send a smart, articulate clever features idea to your favorite editor by stalking them online. That pretty much applies to every web site, by the way.

Contact the Editors

We just designed a spiffy new Staff Page, go check it out!

Strategic Partnerships

You're probably making a huge mistake, but go ahead and get a hold of us:

Contact the Founder

You can reach Niero by email. Weird subject lines get the first replies.

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