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DC Friends: See Warm Bodies for free and early

3:00 PM on 12.03.2012

Matthew Razak


OK folks, we all know zombies are in, but there's a serious lack of romance in your average zombie film. It's all "SHOOT THEM IN THE HEAD" this and "OH GOD, IT'S EATING MY LEG" that. Where's the love? It's in Warm Bodies, the heartwarming tale of a girl and the zombie who falls in love with her. It's a romantic comedy with zombies. You want to see it. And now you can for free.

We've got 50 passes (each person can download two) we're giving away to an early screening of the movie in the Washington, DC area on December 12. It's run through so all you have to do is grab the code below and enter it and you're ready to learn to love again. 

Full screening info is below, and remember to get there early because these passes get you in the theater, but do not guarantee a seat.


Regal Gallery Place
701 7th Street Northwest
December 12th


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