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Deep Analysis: Jeff Goldblum's Chest

11:00 AM on 04.01.2012 // Matthew Razak

For years men and women have studied the bare chest of the homosapien male and for years it was considered nothing more than a male body part. Then Jeff Goldblum came along and suddenly the male chest was a work of art. Or, to be absolute correct about it, one male chest was a work of art. For once one has seen Jeff Goldblum's chest one realizes that no other chest could ever be so powerful.

But what is it about Jeff Goldblum's naked chest that makes it a true masterpiece. Where does it's inner power come from and why does it inspire us in such ways. In this piece I take a deeper look at Jeff Goldblum's chest and delve into the masterful art behind it and the powerful sexiness around it.

This is Deep Analysis: Jeff Goldblum's chest.

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First let's take a brief look at Jeff Goldblum's chest from a visual stand point. If we look at the image above we'll notice how it not only glistens, but also shimmers. Here we can see the contrasting power of these two actions to enlighten even the most mundane lives. Couple the shimmering and glistening with muscular definition that is either muscle or shadow and you can see how Geoff Goldblum's chest not only represents the best in humanity, but also the doubt. Is he in shape or just really good at unbuttoning his shirt? Is humanity good at heart or rotten at its core. These two question are pretty much one and the same.

But there is so much more than the visuals to Jeff Goldblum's chest. To truly understand the artistry and meaning behind it we must go beyond the flesh and blood to the inner depths. What does Jeff Goldblum's chest mean truly? Is it simply "sexy time," as some would say or is there something deeper there that reveals to us the true meaning of life. The answer to that question is yes. Figuring out the how and why of Jeff Goldblum's chest is the hard part.

Let's begin with what Jeff Goldblum's chest is trying to tell us. Clearly it is saying more than, "Hey, I'm a chest." If it were saying that why would it be on display so provocatively all the time? No, Jeff Goldblum's chest's proactive display is intentional; not a mistake. From this we can tell that it does indeed have a message for us, that there is meaning behind it. Taking a closer look at Jeff Goldblum's chest we see purpose. The brazen display of chest drives home the point that we must learn something from it, not ignore it.

But what are we supposed to learn? The answer is simple: world peace. It is not hard to come to the conclusion that Jeff Goldblum's chest is the answer to finding world peace. It's structure and presentation make it obvious. The two pectoral muscles are mankind coming together as one and the careless regard for covering up shows us that we must not cover up the fact that we care for each other. The message here is simple: come together and be proud. When one realizes this it is hard to deny that Jeff Goldblum's chest is more than just a chest. It has power. It has the power to bring mankind together.

Clearly there is more to Jeff Goldblum's chest than just this. I would turn you to the seminal books Jeff Goldblum's Chest: Why It Matters and A Brief History of Jeff Goldblum's Chest. For a more philosophical look into it I would also suggest a reading of Plato's allegory of Jeff Goldblum's chest and part IV of René Descartes' Discourse of Method in which the famous words "I know Jeff Goldblum's chest, therefore I am" are uttered. However, I believe that my brief analysis here gives insight into the importance of Jeff Goldblum's chest.

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