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Dolph Lundgren to play Aquaboy in Aquaman, or something

1:15 PM on 04.14.2017 // Rick Lash

Vincent Chase IS Aquaman, forever.

At some point, somebody decided to do something with all the 80s, 90s, and early 00s decaying action heroes of films past and made a little move called The Expendables. In the process, they revived the dormant career of one semi-frozen Dolph Lindgren, aka He-Man.

So ol' Dolph's career has been half-simmering for a few years and now someone's gone and cast him in a real film. Who would do such a thing you ask? Why, the fellas at the DC Cinematic Universe, for Aquaman, of course! Boy oh boy, do them boys know how to cook 'em!

Variety reports:

Lundgren will play King Nereus of the aquatic kingdom of Xebel, who claims Aquaman’s wife Mera (Amber Heard) as his own and wants to kill him ... The studio said last year that the title character, played by Momoa, would be caught between a surface world constantly ravaging the sea and the undersea Atlanteans, who are ready to lash out in revolt. Aquaman is based on the DC Comics character first introduced in the early 1940s who’s the king of Atlantis — a half-human and half-Atlantean named Arthur Curry.

We'll just leave it right there. Along with the image of what Aquaman has become. Listen, Khal Drogo is the man (short-lived character that he was), but what the shit have they Waterwolrlded done to this character?

Maybe Arnold, Sly, and few other has-beens will find their way into this thing and really make it interesting. Or... my gawd... Is Aquaman just a thinly veiled cover for the next installment of The Expendables?



[Via Variety]

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