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Drive inspires man to throw hot dog at Tiger Woods

2:00 PM on 10.13.2011
Drive inspires man to throw hot dog at Tiger Woods photo

Yeap ... this will be the strangest headline I will ever write during my tenure here at Flixist. Not even a year and I've peaked in strange.

While we all agree that Drive is obviously anti-semitic, one couldn't possibly imagine that it inspired Californian Brandon Kelly to lob a wiener at pro golfer Tiger Woods over the weekend. According to The AV Club, Kelly stated that the film inspired him to "do something courageous and epic", and as you know, courageous and epic = lobbing phallic foods at athletes. The loon turned goon even took a picture of the hot dog sitting on his dashboard, much like Ryan Gosling's character does with his watch. Strange world we live in, folks.

Also, can we talk about Ryan Hotdogosling? That is one SEXY hot dog. I smell a new running joke here at Flixist. Check the gallery for more renditions of Ryan Hotddogosling.

[Via The AV Club]

Drive inspires man to throw hot dog at Tiger Woods photo
Drive inspires man to throw hot dog at Tiger Woods photo
Drive inspires man to throw hot dog at Tiger Woods photo
Drive inspires man to throw hot dog at Tiger Woods photo
Drive inspires man to throw hot dog at Tiger Woods photo

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