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Duncan Jones is directing the Warcraft movie

10:30 AM on 01.31.2013
Duncan Jones is directing the Warcraft movie photo

Now a World of Warcraft film isn't the most interesting idea to me, seeing as how it would remind me so much of Lord Of The Rings, but with this news, my interest has skyrocketed. Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) has been brought on to direct the adaptation replacing Sam Raimi (which of course means WOW is now serious business). 

And while Jones showed interest toward the film three years ago, it's good to see him confirmed as it now looks like some progress is being made on this iceberg of a production schedule (with a surprisingly projected 2015 release). Even if I didn't like Source Code, Moon was freakin' genius so I'll be waiting impatiently to see what he can do with a film that's severely different from what he's done in the past. 

[via THR]

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