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Emma Stone eying role in Del Toro's Crimson Peak

6:00 PM on 01.16.2013

Thor Latham

Associate Editor

A new haunted house film from Del Toro that isn't his Haunted House film

As a man who is forever working on at least a dozen different things, Guillermo Del Toro has already lined up his next directorial feature after this summer's Pacific Rim, a haunted house spooktackular titled Crimson Peak. In what I'm assuming wasn't meant as an attempt at irony, word on the street is that my own crimson crowned dream queen, Emma Stone, is looking to star in the picture. Of course this is just rumor at the moment until something official is announced, which is probably some time away, but it's still worth hoping for. Emma Stone is my husky voiced goddess and Del Toro is a man who I have no shortage of respect and admiration for, so I would love to see them work together.

[via /Film]

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Thor Latham

Associate Editor
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