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Even Tim Burton doesn't know what he's doing anymore

10:00 AM on 05.07.2012 // Jamie R Stone

Tim Burton's a busy man these days. He's got three movies coming out this year; two he directed (Frankenweenie and Dark Shadows) and one he produced (Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter). That being said, when Collider asked what his plans were for future projects, he basically did the equivalent of shrugging and backing away slowly, as if he were too embarrassed to admit his over-saturation in this year's movie market.

Before I allow myself to sound too critical of the guy, Burton's also producing the infamous Beetlejuice sequel that his Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter writer/director, Seth Graham "hyphenated to sound extra douchey" Smith. That is an event I'll want to catch even if it's terrible, because Beetlejuice is a rare breed of film that relishes B-movie film-making techniques while embracing a very modern style at the same time. When asked of his involvement in the Beetlejuice sequel, he said he might get involved if he likes what Hyphens comes up with.

He also has a movie called Big Eyes and possibly Pinocchio rumored to have Robert Downey, Jr. in the mix, but even Burton was ashamed to admit how many things he has on his plate and basically threw his hands up and said--and I'm paraphrasing here--"Look, lemme get through with these other eleventy hundred pictures I got goin', den we'll see. Aight?" He actually did say "aight," too, if I remember correctly.

And I hate to add more dread to your Mondays, dear readers, but this will be the last article I write for Flixist, possibly forever. Never rule out a comeback, though. I love sequels, so a sequel to my film journalism career is a definite possibility. It was great writing for all you fine folks. You've touched me, and I hope I touched some of you. In your sleep. With your shorts down. Kay, bye bye!

Via [Collider]

Jamie R Stone,
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