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Every clip of Tom Cruise running in a movie, EVER

4:29 PM on 10.18.2016 // Rick Lash

Maybe it’s a coincidence that Burger Fiction published this Tom Cruise running compilation a week befoe Jack Reacher: Never Go Back drops in theaters, maybe not. But I definitely got a targeted Reacher ad when I played the video.

On to the point: this is a comprehensive compilation of every bit of action Tom Cruise has performed in a movie that might possibly be considered running. SPOILER ALERT: it goes on for 18:10. I was ready to quit by two minutes, and then four, and again every minute after. I made it through nine adrenaline-fueled grueling minutes before skipping ahead to see just how long Tom has run. 

Most of it is even in real-time, too, although there are several slow motion segments that the ticker did not slow down to accurately reflect … I guess it’s screen time versus real time.

I advise that you drink heavily before viewing. The soundtrack and wardrobe styles are as diverse as you might expect viewing disparate clips from four decades, and it can be disconcerting viewed sober when all you have to weave it together is a gradually aging Tom Cruise cheek-puffing like a champion beach ball inflater (that's a thing).

Side note: does Tom Cruise know how to jog or even understand the concept? This dude has been flat out sprinting FOREVER.

Bad news for Burger Fiction, they’ll likely need to update this come Thursday’s early release of Jack Reacher. You know Tom Cruise can’t resist running on camera! (Or, you do now.)




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