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Expendables 2 crash lands a new TV spot

3:00 PM on 06.01.2012

Matthew Razak


BOOM! KAPOW! EXPLOSION! I'm not sure if explosion is an onomatopoeia, but it should be because that's the only sound that this many guns, kicks, bombs, punches, bullets and explosions could make. With the new TV spot for Expendables 2 we can an even better understanding that this film will be nothing but large men shooting guns until stuff explodes. 

I love that there is literally only one second of dialog that might even hint at a plot before the ad just gives up and shows everyone kicking ass. I know the original didn't live up to everything it could be, but that doesn't mean I can't get beyond excited for this one. All that's missing for me is a cameo from Dwayne Johnson that's been kept super secrete. I know that's almost impossible, but that would be amazing. 

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