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Fantastic Four

Family friendly Fantastic Four threeboot planned

10:30 AM on 06.22.2017 // Anthony Marzano

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After the dismal response on the gritty Fantastic Four reboot from a few years back, the planned sequel that was supposed to come out this summer season was scrapped. Rather than let a single comic series go untapped, 20th Century Fox is planning to reboot the Fantastic Four series again but this time going for a more family friendly tone.

Not much is known about what the story will entail but rumors floating about on the internet liken the movie to The Incredibles with Sue and Reed's children getting into an adventure with the rest of the team "just along for the ride." LEGO Batman screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith has written the latest draft that is again rumored to be based on an Ultimate Fantastic Four story arc.

This could be exactly what the struggling series could need. With the core Marvel movies entering into a dark part of the story there will be an opening for a more lighthearted and family friendly story and Fantastic Four could fill that void. Also kids will go see anything if it's marketed right so this could be the best turn of events for the team. Just please bring back the Fantasticar alright?

Anthony Marzano, Editor
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