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First clip from Dark Knight Returns isn't full of Miller

3:00 PM on 08.29.2012 // Nick Valdez

Other than a beefier looking Batman, an iconic shot from the comic, and a bit of dialogue that most will recognize from that other DKR, this short clip doesn't look like something that's an adaptation of the bats*** crazy genius Frank Miller's work. It looks like every other DC animated film Warner Bros. has released so far. It's lacking Miller's grit. I know the clip is like two seconds, but in that short span of time, I figured out that the scenery lacks Miller's fine use of shadows and roughness. I know it might have been impossible to completely replicate the original, but it's been done before with Ed McGuinness's Superman/Batman run. 

Whether or not you were looking forward to this, it looks like Warner Bros. Animation will be one of the few divisions of WB that will still handle direct to video releases. Warner Premiere, the division that handled sequels to films that no one wanted, was shut down some time ago. Most likely due to piracy, lack of good films, or the poor economy. It's kind of sad. It makes me want to buy all of the animated releases just so they avoid the same fate. 

Or I'd just be happy if Justice League Unlimited returned. I would give my first born for that to happen. Your call Warner Bros. 

[Warner Premiere info via /Film, clip via Collider

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